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The outfit that players should've gotten. Customizable colors. Mix parts. Optional shorter skirt, narrower shoulders, busty chest and higher heels. Now for Iceborne.

Permissions and credits
Mischievous Dress for players. Yet another outfit that Capcom will never let players wear. It replaces the Harvest Layered Armor set. Also affects the non-Layered Armor version. This mod is mostly the Hub Girl's model, but with the Handler's lamp as the waist. No plans to do anything else for this outfit.

Now for post-Iceborne.


- May have fixed the skin issue. I copied the material data from another model that doesn't have the problem.
- Added short skirt with original boots, as requested by a few people.
- Added bustier chest, as was originally intended and was also requested.
- Fixed slinger shots firing from foot. Figured out how bone map works. Each byte is a bone that's used for something. Invalid bone refs can crash the game.
- Fixed slinger placement.
- Added Iceborne support. Version 4.0+ are the Iceborne files.

- Sometimes, the skin shows up black or resets to default color. You can fix it by re-equipping it.
- Forearm skin color does not change. This is because Capcom has made the forearms part of the clothing. I can't do anything about it, for now.
- Legs clip through skirt when running. As far as I can tell, that's just how Capcom made it.
- No slinger, because it clips through the sleeve a lot, or parts of the slinger end up floating.

Unpack the main archive (with folders) into Steam\Steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World\
You can then unpack the optionals to the same location and overwrite.

There is an alternate color customization texture included. If you find it doesn't allow changing the color you want, try swapping the CMM files in mod_pl_halloween/. For example, change npcbs020_000_CMM_a to npcbs020_000_CMM_b(it uses b by default).


If you want to revert to the original, simply delete the mod files and folders in these locations:

Thanks to Vuze for the unpacking tools, daemon1's raw texture converter (correct offset can ungarble TEX, correct values are usually around 100 to 118),  MHWTexConvert for converting DDS to BC7 and MT Framework tools by Predator for allowing me to see the UVs.

I would like to emphasize that none of this would've been possible without the hard work of the people listed here.

- Thanks to all modding contributors
- legenff and Moonbunnie for figuring out the keys to decrypt the archives
- Statyk for his physics tutorial and examples, and CTC info
- Karbon and DMQW-Ice for CTC info. Keegar for the CTC fixer.
- AsteriskAmpersand for various things, including Hyperthermia, the import/export tool, etc. Also helped me figure out why this broke in Iceborne.
- Silvris, Nack, Asdasdasdasd, Lyraveil for helping make Hyperthermia, which made the conversion process much easier
- Vuze for WorldChunkTool, and Jodo for MHWNoChunk
- daemon1's raw texture converter (correct offset values are usually around 100 to 118)
- FineNerd's MHWTexConvert for converting DDS to BC7
- MT Framework tools by Predator for importing as reference
- CrazyT's BlenderMhwModelImporter
- JodoZT's Better MHW Texture Converter.

Special thanks to the people reporting problems, and helping others out in the forum.





メインのアーカイブをSteam\Steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World\に解凍。





・legendff様, Moonbunnie様のアーカイブ解凍の鍵
- Statyk様の物理チュートリアルと例、 他にCTC情報
- Karbon様とDMQW-Ice様のCTC情報. Keegar様のCTC fixer.
- AsteriskAmpersand様のいろいろ、例えばHyperthermia, インポート・エクスポートツール、など。アイスボーンで壊れた原因も発見してくれました。
- Silvris様, Nack様, Asdasdasdasd様, Lyraveil様のおかげでアイスボーン対応のコンバートツールHyperthermiaが完成になった。
・Vuze様のWorldChunkTool, Jodo様のMHWNoChunk
・Predator様のMT Frameworkインポートツール