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Outfit based on Shara Ishvalda fanart made by Koyorin. Replaces Blossom layered legs and all other Dante layered pieces.

Permissions and credits
This mod is modelled after fanart drawn by the artist Koyorin. All credit of the character design goes to Koyorin, I am simply recreating the design in the game as faithfully as possible.

Weapon model used in the thumbnal is Ikelos SA V1.0.1

1.Unzip the file
2.Place the nativepc folder into the root folder of your Monster Hunter World directory. The default path is usually
   C:/Program Files(x86)/steam/steamapps/common/Monster Hunter World
3.   Launch the game.
4.   Load in and select Dante layered set or load in Shara Ishvalda alpha armor set with any transmog mod.
4a. (optional)Select the Odogaron alpha layered helm if you prefer the original hair model.
5.   Adjust the colours for chest and arms to cream(yellowish white) colour.
6.   Adjust the colour for waist to be black.

1. Go to the root folder of your Monster Hunter World directory.
2. Navigate to nativPC/pl/f_equip/
3. Remove the folder SharaMod
4. Remove the other folders based on which version you downloaded:
Dante+Blossom: pl071_0000
Shara: pl088_0000
Odogaron helm: pl029_0000

Original character design: Koyorin
Ponytail(headpiece) retextured from mod by Satyx

To Do list(which I may or may not end up doing):
Finally learn how to edit mrl3 so i can just make the whole set dante or shara instead of using blossom legs as well(completed in v1.3! Now split into Dante and Shara versions)
Shorten the ponytail and redo bangs to better match the original(completed in v1.1!)
Rework the jacket to reduce clipping and other weight painting issues, adjust UV islands to make retexturing easier(completed in v1.2!)
Add in proper textures for the legs and jacket(jacket done in v1.2.1!)
Make the sleeves unrolled and potentially change gloves to painted fingernails like the original
Add a belt as waist instead of just making the whole thing invisible(completed in v1.2!)
Add slits to the shorts in a way that doesn't look stupid