Monster Hunter: World
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A total conversion for Claire. Custom magic slinger and grapple, dye-able clothes, animated eyes, voice replacement, and physics!

Permissions and credits

Tharja from Fire Emblem replaces Claire for some awesome slinger effects. The slinger comes with a unique claw, dye-able armor, blinking/moving eyes, voice replacement (clips from player preset 18. English, Japanese, and MH Language only! SEE BELOW FOR A BETTER VOICE MOD), and physics bones. SPECIAL THANKS TO CRIMSON WHO MADE THE SLINGER WHAT IT IS!

  • Rigging the face to Claire's face caused major graphical glitches outside of normal gameplay. Therefore Claire's face was hidden and Tharja's face was rigged to the helm instead. Because of this, there is a faceless void inside of mantle hoods. Don't be afraid!
  • The slinger uses a multitude of cool effects. There's idle fire, increased fire with an arrow when the slinger is loaded, a light that increases when enabling burst fire, and special clutch claw effects! Check the gifs in the gallery! (Only the idle fire works on the Layered version)
  • The cape has been improved by adding two jiggle chains and collisions. However, you may download the optional replacements to remove the cape or cape+ropes.

  1. Download and install Stracker's Loader here so the voice file and effects can function.
  2. Open the zip folder and copy the nativePC folder inside.
  3. Navigate to your MHW installation folder (where the .exe is located. This is usually in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World").
  4. Paste the nativePC in there.
  5. Reload the Claire armor set.

ItsBurpee went through the trouble of creating voice mods that use actual English & Japanese Tharja voice lines. For full immersion, go download 'em!

Super-ultra-major thanks to everyone in the modding discord for all the help and suggestions!

AsteriskAmpersand for general direction, explanations, and importers/editors. Especially for the Hyperthermia porting program!
Crimson for making the particle efx!
Karbon for their ctc template.
ItsBurpee for their voice line spreadsheets and mapping Claire's voices for Eng + Jpn.
Asdasdasdasdasd aka Gatomiau for getting me started in all of this.
KuroKairaku for the model rip and cleanup so I could even add her.
My friend Snach for the commission.