Monster Hunter: World
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Replaces Ciri with Nero from Fate/Extella Link! Includes slinger and weapons.

Permissions and credits
This mod replaces Ciri with Nero Claudius from Fate/Extra and Fate/Extella! She comes with a custom slinger based off of her Moon Crux form from Fate/Extella, and her sword Aestus Estus for Great Sword, Long Sword, Switch Axe, and Charge Blade! 


AsteriskAmpersand: For writing the MHW Importer/Exporter, the MRL3 Editor, and the Hyperthermia converter
Jodo: For his texture tool and NoChunk
Demon: For providing me with the assets required
Statyk: For inspiring me to make this mod, for giving me some useful files, and for working with me on the .evwp.
Lyra: For helping me figure out an issue with the slinger
Keegars: For writing his CTC Fixer

Drag the nativePC folder from the zip into your MHW install directory.
If you'd like to use the weapons on different weapons, use this link to find your weapon. Then rename both the folder and the files within the folder to match that weapon. Or, use Aradi147's Weapon Transmog to change the appearance of weapons (useful if you want to replace a Taroth/Kjarr weapon).

To-do List (for future updates):
  • Figure out how to get custom slinger efx on Ciri
  • Go over hand weights
  • Adjust skirt to go with legs