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DMQW modding group

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Now include modifled model of Vagnis β , blossom, kirin β, Vaal Hazak β
recent plan, Odogaron outfit, Nergigante outfit

Permissions and credits
More sexy character body model. Made breast more bigger and leg thinner.

Before installation:
-First download MHW Transmog by Approved to transmog your outfit
-Transmog your outfit, for example, if you want to use MOD1 , just transmog chest to 192(Vagnis β) and leg to 147(blossom)
-Or you can install mod without transmog tool, but you have to put on the real equipment( Strongly recommend you to use transmog tool)
-If you didn't transmog or wearing the real armor, the changes can't work.


-Breast becomes bigger and more sexy
-Make legs thinner than original.

-Breast becomes bigger, waist becomes thinner.
-Legs becomes thinner, but a little strange when the character open her legs.
-Used body texture Simple Kirin Armor and Hair Retexture by xaveriux

Mod3-Vaal Hazak β
-Breast becomes bigger, waist a little bit thinner

-Extract the files and put folder nativePC into Steam\Steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World\


-Delete the folder “nativePC” or the file listed in the rar.
-Mod1: delete pl050_0010 for keeping original chest, delete pl074_0000 for legs.
-Mod2: delete pl035_0010. If you don't want cloak invisible, just delete f_body035_0010_BML.tex
     If you don't want the thinner leg, just delete the folder "leg" 
-Mod3: delete pl032_0010.

Recent Plan:

-Nergigante Chest of alpha and beta
-Odogaron body and legs

Creator:DMQW modding group. 狩技Mod組。

You can upload to other site but you have to credit me as the creator.

Extend thanks to:
Approved for MHW TRANSMOG
Vuze for Worldchunktool
CrazyT's BlenderMhwModelImporter
xaveriux's kirin body texture