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Revolutionizing your solo experience.

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100% compatible with: [13.50.00]
Does not play nice with anything else.

Notice Board: [ Requires SL.1.10.0 ]

Face your foes with new combat mechanics...
Revolutionizing your solo experience...
Everything familiarized, but more optimized...
Welcome to the Art of War...


  • Sharpness Durability - Purple, then White; after, all the warning colors ignite.

  • Potions may recover up to 50% of your health.

  • Mega-Potions may recover up to 100% of your health.

  • Unlimited use of essential items only.

  • Unlimited Ammo usage.

  • 30 minutes duration on most food/item buffs.

  • 5 minutes duration on Mantles; each with a 1 minute cool-down.

  • Hunting Horn Buffs stack up to 10minutes; Buff stack 1: 6mins; Buff stack 2: 8mins; Buff stack 3: 10mins.

  • Kinsect's Extract last up to 10mins.

  • All Armors & Weapons have 3 Slots capable of slotting level 1-4 jewels.

  • All Armors come with their skills maxed in such a way you can min-max non-bonus armors.

  • Each Armor & Weapon piece is scaled proportionally to "RPG" standard mechanics, rather than numeral randomness.

  • All Armor pieces no longer have 0 resistance; each having their own unique design.

  • All Armors are blessed with Divine Blessings.

  • All Armors are blessed with Namielle’s Divinity.

  • All non-bonus Armors are blessed with Velkhana's Divinity.

  • Master Charm is granted with Frostcraft for Armor Sets that do not have Velkhana's Divinity.

  • Tentacle Armor Sets are granted with Gold Rathian Essence for balance.

  • All Charms are additionally Flinch Free.

  • All Jewels are maxed, however, Lv4 Jewels have additional skill benefits.

  • All Dual Blades which were unable to dual wield elements, will now dual wield Paralyze & Poison.

  • All Switch Axes now have specialized Phials, granting greater crowd control mechanics to each.

  • All Long Swords will strike enemies like a true Samurai especially with Lai Spirit Slash.

  • All Bowguns have addition controlling element effects.

  • All Bows have all their Ammo Coating unlocked.

  • All Weapons have +50 Defense.

  • All Weapons which had +10 to +50 Defense will now have +100 Defense for balance.

  • All Weapons that are without any skill functions will now have Hasten Recovery.

  • All Weapons that do have a skill function will now inherit +200 Defense to regain their advantage.

  • All Weapons will juggle from control effects to their primary element. However, Bowguns have none.

  • All Weapons' primary elements are now 500 instead of numeral random 100ish to 490ish.

  • Free Elem/Ammo Up will allow you to main the primary element, instead of juggling.

  • Palico’s Weapons are now set between Blast or Poison, making it more visible to see Palico’s attacks.

  • Palico’s Armors are all set to the same strength, transforming them into decoration usage instead.

  • Kinsects are all the same strength (All 20 levels), transforming them into decoration usage instead.

Additional Features:

  • Defense Corps' Art of War introduces new battle mechanics where monsters interact and react to your style of combat, while at the same time, changing the way how each weapon skill interact with the enemy. There are various ways to "control" the battle: can you master them all?

  • Defense Corps’ Defender Armor comes package with the right kit for Beginner & Advanced Hunters alike.

  • Defense Corps’ Light Bowgun turns your gameplay into your typical 3rd Person Shooter (100% Mobile Rapidfire ‘gun) but it requires the hunter to equip "Evading Reload" to reap the benefits. DC-LBG are also capable of utilizing crowd controlling elemental rounds that does a ton of elemental damage, and crowd control.

  • Defense Corps’ Heavy Bowgun is packed with deadly "Cannonfire" attacks at the cost of Heavy Recoil & Reload; It also requires a warm up using Spread Shot or Normal Shot until True Element Acceleration is unleashed to weave through your attacks. Though this is not necessary, the weapon can handle itself without the need of weaving attacks. Though DC-HBG are unable to equip elemental ammo, they are the only ones with modified piercing rounds, cluster rounds, wyvern & dragon rounds decked with devastating power, but neither Bowgun can truly reign supreme.

  • Defense Corps' Defender Guild Palice Armor comes equipped with solid defense and resistance against stronger enemies. Although it boasts in its power to sustain, it lacks any capability of sustaining the Hunter's health, and requires some tactical preparations especially when using the power of Safi'jiiva's Seal.

  • Masterworks Ore & Bone grants Hunters an Ore Tree & Bone Tree which is pure Raw Damage: Ore grants higher 100% Critical non-elemental damage, while Bone has highest Raw Damage of any weapon at the cost of -100% Critical non-elemental damage, but are granted +300 Defense instead. Neither can juggle between elements. Though Raw Damage can be seen as inferior against tougher monsters, there are customizable combinations that can allow a Hunter to unleash greater damage to match up, or even surpass all other weapons.

  • Masterworks Health, Cleanser, & Affinity Booster grants Hunters a quick and easy access in resolving the impossible odds during combat.

  • Masterworks Frostcraft transforms the Hunter's frostcraft bar into a specialized energy bar, which allows the Hunter to gain faster access to fully charged attacks, while still having their weapons unsheathed. Each Weapon's charge attack has been carefully designed to improve, and balance, around the speed, strength, and weakness of each weapon.

  • Masterworks Charms are carefully handpicked and handcrafted Charms which allow Hunters to have a powerful combination of bonus skills & skills added on top of what the Charm already provides, adding greater customization to the overall scheme of things.

    • Masterworks Safi'jiiva's Fury Charm comes in a combination of Safi'jiiva's Seal + Velkhana's Divinity, with additional skills of Resentment and Heroics. With these skills and bonus skills combine, the Hunter's power unleashed is 10 fold; the weaker the Hunter becomes, the more powerful the Hunter gets. This Charm places the Hunter into the most risk rewarding proactive and reactive experience within MHW.


None of this could have been made possible without:

MHVuze [WorldChunkTool]
Jodo - DMQW Modding Group [MHWNoChunk]
Stracker [Stracker's Loader]
Synthlight [MHW Editor]
Aradi147 - [Weapon Transmog Tool]
"Special thanks to: Alcedo - [MHW Weapon Editor] Pre-Iceborne; [MHW Equipment Editor] Early Iceborne; which made it possible to make MW-ORE & DBD-Set.
Also, to
all the fans who shared their feedback on this earlier project!" --MastaSmith