Monster Hunter: World

About this mod

Ports the MHO weapons of several monsters present in World and Iceborne. Many of these weapons might be familiar to longtime MH fans.

Permissions and credits

Ports over following MHO weapons for the following monsters (replacing exactly which weapons you think they would replace):
  • Nargacuga: Great Sword, Lance, Dual Blades, Gunlance, Light Bowgun
  • Brachydios: Lance, Dual Blades, Long Sword, Gunlance, Hunting Horn, Switch Axe, Light Bowgun 
  • (Stygian) Zinogre: Great Sword, Lance, Switch Axe
  • Yian Garuga: Hammer, Gunlance, Light Bowgun
  • Lunastra: All weapons except Charge Blade, Insect Glaive, and Heavy Bowgun
  • Barioth: Hammer, Long Sword, Hunting Horn, Bow
  • Kirin: Sword and Shield, Hunting Horn
  • Lavasioth: Great Sword, Dual Blades, Light Bowgun
  • (Azure/Silver) Rathalos: Light Bowgun, Bow
  • (Pink/Gold) Rathian: Bow
  • (Brute) Tigrex: Dual Blades, Switch Axe, Light Bowgun, Bow
  • (Black) Diablos: Hammer, Dual Blades
  • Uragaan: Hammer, Long Sword, Switch Axe

The mod is available in both a Part Replacer version that has no other requirements, which I personally recommend, as well as a Wp_Dat version, that requires Stracker's Loader and needs to be updated on my end with every Title Update, for those who prefer it. Due to the rather unique way this mod works, I would recommend reading the installation instructions.

As of now, I have ported every MHO weapon I originally set out to port for this mod.


Disclaimer: From my personal testing, even if one fails to properly-install the Wp_Dat version of the mod, it is not permanently damaging a save file. That being said, I take no responsibility if a user's save file is damaged, so if you are concerned, make sure to back-up your save file before installing this mod (or any mod, for that matter) for the first time. 

For the Part Replacer version of the mod
, place the "nativePC" folder from the download into the root of your game (the same directory as MonsterHunterWorld.exe).

After installing the mod, the weapon models included in the mod will replace the models for their respective weapon part scraps (for example, the Kirin SnS will replace the scraps of Kirin fur attached to a Ore/Bone/Kulve SnS). However, due to this, the weapon models included in this mod will clip into the preexisting base weapon. Therefore, to amend this, use the in-game Layered Weapon system to change the weapon's base into "Kulve Taroth (Base)" to have an invisible base weapon.

For the Wp_Dat version of the mod, make sure to reset the Layered Base, Layered Parts, and Custom Upgrades of all weapons affected by this mod (see the list above) prior to installation. Failure to do so can result in invisible weapons that can not be altered while the mod is installed.

After completing the above requirement, simply place the "nativePC" folder from the download into the root of your game.

Known Issues:
In the Part Replacer version of this mod only...
  • As the "Kulve Taroth (Base)" base weapons were made invisible for the purpose of this mod, any weapon using this Base without a modded Part model will be mostly to completely-invisible.
In the Wp_Dat version of the mod only... 
  • Most of the sound effects for weapons will not play. This includes Hunting Horn songs.
  • While the mod is installed, the weapons affected by this mod can not be Custom Upgraded.
  • Failure to complete the requirement prior to installation can result in a weapon that is incompatible with the Layered Weapon system. Closing the game and uninstalling the mod remidies this issue.
  • With this version of the mod, the Layered Weapon system will be unable to transmog other weapons to use the models introduced by this mod.

  • Added weapons from the popular monsters Barioth, Kirin, Lavasioth, and Lunastra
  • Added Stygian Zinogre weapons and the Wp_Dat version. Merged the Part Replacer files into one download for convenience.
  • Updated the Wp_Dat version of the mod for Monster Hunter World Version 13.50.XX. Due to the changes to the game this update has introduced, the installation process for this version of the mod has changed, so I would greatly advise reading the Installation section of this page
  • Added weapons for the following monsters: Rathalos (Base/Subspecies/Rare Species), Rathian (Base/Subspecies/Rare Species), Diablos (Base/Subspecies), Uragaan, Tigrex (Base/Subspecies)
  • Merged all of the files for the Part Replacer version of the mod into one "nativePC," as well as minimized the number of base weapons nuked by this version of the mod. Just as with the Wp_Dat version, I would suggest checking out the Installation section for more details
  • Improved the quality of several Yian Garuga and Brachydios weapons
  • Added an alternate sheathe appearance to the Zinogre and Stygian Zinogre Great Swords (Wp_Dat version only)
  • Added the Hornetaur Dual Blades
  • Updated several weapon textures
  • Added pictures of the most up-to-date version of each weapon to the gallery

  • Ezekial and contributors to the Modding Wiki for armor/weapon IDs, as well as for a file to ease the conversion of MHO files.
  • AsteriskAmpersand and CrazyT for the Mod3, Mrl3, and mod updater tools.
  • Jodo for their texture converter tool.
  • The Monster Hunter Online English Patch Team for the models and textures.
  • Aradi147 and Synthlight for their Wp_Dat editing tools.