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A GUI tool that allows the reassigning of voices to other voices. This allows you to use a voice or voice mod on (almost) any other voice. Powered by wwiseutil.

Permissions and credits
Allow the reassigning of voices to other voices. This means that any voice or voice mod is compatible with (almost) any other voice!
Powered by the MHW Audio Modding Tool

NOTE: The GUI version of "wwiseutil.exe" doesn't work with this program. Only use the "Command-line" version (Which is already bundled with this program)

  • Download the zip and extract anywhere you want
  • Download the database file for the character voices
  • You'll also need Stracker's Loader installed as the resulting file it will generate will need it

If you're converting a voice mod, you'll need the .nbnk it comes with.
If you're converting vanilla voices, you'll need a tool to extract the .nbnk from the game's chunk file:

In most cases:
The "Input Voice" should be the voice you want
The "Output Voice" should be the voice you're currently using

How to Use:
  1. Load the .nbnk file with the "Load File" button (It should auto-detect its information in the "Overview")
  2. Select the voice to convert to with the "Output Voice" options
  3. Click the "CONVERT" button to convert
  4. Determine where to save the new .nbnk file

If the conversion is successful, your new voice file should be in the folder you saved it to

  • If you enabled 'Save to "Output", your new voice file should be in a folder called "Output" in the same folder as the .exe
  • You can then take that .nbnk file and place it in MHW's nativePC folder
  • It should be placed in following directory ...\nativePC\sound\wwise\Windows
If the conversion failed, you can check the console to see what happened
  • If the error wasn't clear, you can report it to the "Bugs" section (I will probably ignore issues that involve Manual Mode!)


Red text indicates issues or unsupported voices
Wwiseutil: ERROR
  • The program couldn't find "wwiseutil.exe". Make sure it's in the same folder as the program and it's named correctly
DB Version: ERROR
  • The program couldn't determine the database file version. Make sure it's in the same folder as the program and it's named correctly
In the "Overview"
  • The selected voice doesn't have information on it
  • I do apologize if you're on one of those voices. I'll get to it at some point (Or you can help by filling it out)

Unsupported Voices:
As of DB Version 0.73, the following voices are unsupported
You can find a more detailed version on my spreadsheet
  • Male Voice 7, 12, 13, 16, 18, 19
  • Female Voice 8, 10, 11, 15, 20
  • Ciri, Geralt, Leon, Claire (These voices will probably be never supported by this tool due to their structure)
"Manual Mode" WILL NOT make these voice work! If it somehow converts, it won't do it correctly!

  • This program opens a console alongside itself. You can ignore it for the most part. You do want to look at it if your conversion fails though.
  • There's a "Manual Mode" option in the "Input Voice" section. This unrestricts the input file's conditions to any .nbnk file. DO NOT use it unless you know what you're doing.
  • There's a 'Save to "Output" option in the "Output Voice" section. This makes the program behave as if it was the 1.0 version
  • DO NOT DELETE: The "EmptyNbnks" folder and "MHWCharacterVoices.db". They are required to this program to work.
  • I also apologize if your anti-virus considers this suspicious. It's my first time working with an .exe file that's released to the public and the "packager" I used to create this program doesn''t have the best reputation. (Pyinstaller)

Thanks to:
  • hpxro7 for the MHW Audio Modding Tool. The link to that tool's GitHub is here:
  • Richard Jarvis for the appJar library which power this program.

Source Code:
  • You can find the source code to this program HERE