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Based on hair 2-2. Modified, longer front bangs and twin tails with redone physics. 6 sizes. Replaces hair 8-1 (base game) and 2-2 (Iceborne).

Permissions and credits
Based on hair 2-2. Modified longer front bangs, and twin tails with redone physics. 6 sizes. Replaces hair 8-1 (base game) and 2-2 (Iceborne).


- Added 2x resolution textures as a test.
- Re-did the weights on the back of the head, so that when you wear headgear like goggles the bottom of the back won't go bald.
- Re-did the weights on the back of the head again. The shape of it will no longer react to headgear.

- WARNING: Hair 8-1 will glitch horribly with most helms. Either hide the helm or use one that does not glitch (eg. my earring mod 2.0).
- WARNING: If you try swapping hairstyles, the MRL3 will still look for textures inside the original folder. Also, the bones will probably break.
- Clips through helmets. Twin tails clip through the arms a little.
- You can delete unwanted folders. For example, if you only want to replace 2-2 (hair116), you can delete the folder for 8-1 (hair107).
- The 8-1 replacement is for people who don't have Iceborne, because the base game does not have hair 2-2.

Unzip the archive of your choice (with folders) into Steam\Steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World\

Alternatively, if you are an experienced user, install all-in-one archive and then copy-paste/rename to get the options you want.
Example: To change hair size to 4, rename hair107\mod\hair107_size4.mod3 to replace hair107.mod3

If you want to revert to the original, simply delete the mod files in these folders:
Hair 8-1: NativePC\wp\pl\hair\hair107\
Hair 2-2: NativePC\wp\pl\hair\hair116\

I would like to emphasize that none of this would've been possible without the hard work of the people listed here.

- Thanks to all modding contributors
- legenff and Moonbunnie for figuring out the keys to decrypt the archives
- Statyk for his physics tutorial and examples, and CTC info
- Karbon and DMQW-Ice for CTC info. Keegar for the CTC fixer.
- AsteriskAmpersand for various things, including Hyperthermia, the import/export tool, etc.
- Vuze for the unpacking tools
- daemon1's raw texture converter (correct offset values are usually around 100 to 118)
- FineNerd's MHWTexConvert for converting DDS to BC7
- MT Framework tools by Predator for importing as reference
- CrazyT's BlenderMhwModelImporter
- JodoZT's Better MHW Texture Converter.

Special thanks to the people reporting problems, and helping others out in the forum.
Extra special thanks to those who donated!!

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好みのアーカイブをSteam\Steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World\に解凍。

例: サイズ4にしたいなら、hair107\mod\hair107_size4.mod3hair107.mod3 にリネームしてください。

ヘア8-1: NativePC\wp\pl\hair\hair107\
ヘア2-2: NativePC\wp\pl\hair\hair116\


・legendff様, Moonbunnie様のアーカイブ解凍の鍵
- Statyk様の物理チュートリアルと例、 他にCTC情報
Karbon様とDMQW-Ice様のCTC情報. Keegar様のCTC fixer.
・AsteriskAmpersand様のいろいろ、例えばHyperthermia, インポート・エクスポートツール、など。
・Predator様のMT Frameworkインポートツール