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Updated and reworked my Colorable Skimpy Gala Suit mod. Now Iceborne compatible.

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Please provide me with a better explanation of HOW THE MOD DOESNT WORK or at least some screenshots describing the issue when you want to claim that the mod 'doesn't work,' or you will be ignored.

1.0: uploaded!

Note that...
1. This mod replaces Gala Suit armor set and Gala Suit layered armor.
2. Added jiggle physics and some options: Bra, No vest, and Barehand.
3. 'No vest' option doesn't have ribbons because I suck at modding.
4. Removed that funny hat. if you want it you can remove 'helm' folder in your pl078_0000 folder, but the color customization won't be as good.

Use MHW Costume Armor (Transmog) or MHW Transmog to use the armor set as layered.

1. Unzip the zip file
2. Copy nativePC folder from main file folder first.
3. Paste nativePC folder to your MHW directory (usually C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World)
4. Look for optional files of your choice and do the same
Make sure you removed all the pre-iceborne mods!

Remove pl078_00010 and mangie_gala folder from your nativePC\pl\f_equip

CrazyT2018 and AsteriskAmpersand for BlenderMhwModelImporter
highsouled for Texture Converter
JodoZT and Vuze for Chunk tools
AsteriskAmpersand for mrl3 editor, along with legendff, Moonbunnie and many others for chunk decryption
Statyk and Karbon for ctc template for 010 editor and measures for fixing ctc
Keegars for his CTC fixer
00dude00 for his nude body for 'no vest' option
MHW Modding discord for helping me solve unsolvable mysteries