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Replaces the default female Brigade armor and layered armor with a vertex-edited modification of the men's set.

Permissions and credits
Full replacement of all versions of the Female Brigade set with an adapted version of the male set, plus some minor differences to keep the
two somewhat distinct. No more looking like the male version's secretary!
Now compatible with ICEBORNE! New upload for visibility and posterity.

If there are any issues or oversights, please let me know in the comments. If it's broken, I want to fix it.


Extract the contents of the zip to your Monster Hunter directory, then apply
any desired optional files on top of it. Replace when prompted.

Update 1.1:
Fixes normal issues on the shields. Also fixes the shield clipping on both busty versions.
Update 2.0:
Now uses Iceborne files for compatibility. Also adjusted the hat to hide clipping with some of the new hairs.*

A million thanks to AsteriskAmpersand for the Mod3 importer/exporter, without which this mod and all others like it would not be possible.
Recognition to Aradi147 and the rest of the MH Modding discord for being there and helpful.

*Hairs 15-1 and 17-2 still show some bald spots due to Capcom's handling of the hat-form of those hairs, but everything else should work.