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A greatsword shaped after the king of beasts. From the NieR games. For post-Iceborne.

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A greatsword shaped after the king of beasts. From the NieR games. Supports all current greatswords and longswords. For post-Iceborne.


- Fixed outdated EVWP file with Long Sword version that caused black screen with Stracker's loader. Sorry about that.
- Please do a search for EVWP and delete any EVWP files that are 600kb instead of 1kb.

- Currently do not seem to be able to disable weapon-specific effects anymore, such as Wyvern Ignition or tints on elemental weapons.
- Included batch files to copy the files to all current weapon folders. Makes it much easier to handle.
- Parts optional is to hide the monster skin/parts that are attached to weapons.
- More screenshots at old link here.

1. Unzip the main archive (with folders) into Steam\Steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World\
2. Ensure you have "mod_wp_*" folder (needed for textures) and "Emblem" folder (needed to hide the Emblem).
3. Unzip the optionals of your choosing into the same location (overwrite).
4. Run the batch file "override_all.bat", and if you downloaded the parts optional, "hide_all.bat" inside the parts folder.
5. You can delete weapon folders that you don't need. I don't know which folders are which weapons, but you can experiment by removing folders and checking the results in-game. Note that unlike before Iceborne, it seems that sometimes removing/changing folders does not always update in realtime.

If you want to revert to the original, simply delete the mod files in these folders:
Longsword version: NativePC\wp\swo\

I would like to emphasize that none of this would've been possible without the hard work of the people listed here.

- Thanks to Vuze for tipping me off on the EVWP problem.
- Model downloaded from here, but I'm not sure who originally made it, other than it has something to do with Kishiman, LeoZack and Negin.
- All modding contributors, especially the ones who are figuring out how to get into the new chunk archives
- AsteriskAmpersand for various things
- Vuze for WorldChunkTool, and Jodo for MHWNoChunk
- daemon1's raw texture converter (correct offset values are usually around 100 to 118)
- FineNerd's MHWTexConvert for converting DDS to BC7
- MT Framework tools by Predator for importing as reference
- CrazyT's BlenderMhwModelImporter
- JodoZT's Better MHW Texture Converter.

Special thanks to the people reporting problems, and helping others out in the forum.




1. メインファイルをSteam\Steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World\に解凍してください。
2. 「MOD_WP_*」のフォルダー(テクスチャ)と「エンブレム」フォルダー(エンブレムモデルを隠すため)があることを確認してください。
3. 好みなオプションを同じフォルダーに回答(書き換え)
4. 「override_all.bat」のバッチファイルを起動。もし「パーツ」オプションをDLしたら、パーツフォルダーの中に「hide_all.bat」も起動してください。
5. 欲しくない武器フォルダーを消してもいいんです。どちらのフォルダーはどちらの武器なのかわからないので、フォルダーを消してる同時にゲーム内で試す必要です。ただ、アイスボーン前と違って、リアルタイムでフォルダー変化が更新されない場合もあるらしいです。

太刀版なら: NativePC\wp\swo\


・Vuze様のWorldChunkTool, Jodo様のMHWNoChunk
・Predator様のMT Frameworkインポートツール