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I have not updated this mod since the Rajang update as I have mostly lost interest in the game for now. Go check out the mod I based this on at the link below.

This is basically just an alternate version of these lists which I put together and have maintained with Iceborne.
Requires Stracker Loader : Here
If there are any materials or things you think I should add to the lists, let me know.
RAJANG UPDATE! Please delete previous versions before installing 1.6!

To install just Drag the nativePC folder into your Monster Hunter World directory.
Choose which list you want to use (eg MRMats1) and rename it to exactly shopList.slt as the L must be uppercase and everything else lowercase.
Monster Hunter must be restarted when changing shoplists.

I have 7 categories currently.
DecoTier1-4 contains all single skill decorations that are functional to my knowledge.
DecoTier4doubles contains all double skill decorations.
LRMats contains low rank materials.
HRMats contains high rank materials.
MRMats1 contains master rank materials from eltalite ore to Bazelgeuse Mantle (see here #1030-1319).
MRMats2 contains master rank materials from Deviljho Cortex to Sealed Feystone (see here #1279-1444), MR Arena Coins, and Guiding Lands Materials (including new stuff)
Utilities contains basic necessities such as potions, traps, and endemic life materials. All tickets, wyverian prints, and armor spheres are here as well.

V1.7 Added missing materials from new guiding lands monsters. Shifted contents of MRMats 1&2. 1 is now full so that 2 has more room for new stuff
V1.6.1 Added the new guiding lands materials to MRMats2. Properly zipped this time.
V1.6 Added Rajang materials to MRMats2. Added wiggler pot, black eagle blueprint, and S.T.A.R.S. badge to Utilities.
V1.5 Added Armor Spheres to Utilities List (which means they are no longer in other lists)
V1.4.1 Removed some unbuyable Decos that got added back in the sorting.
v1.4 Re-organized DecoTier1-4 so it's in alphabetical order. Added commendations to Utilities at the end with the tickets.
V1.3 Added Behemoth Parts and HR arena coins to HRMats.
V1.2 Added Leshen parts and Kulve Taroth Emperor nugget to HRMats as well as streamstones in a reupload
V1.1 Removed all of the unbuyable Decorations and added guiding lands materials to MRMats2