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Turns Brigade Layered armor set into Bunny girl costume. Now compatible with Iceborne expansion.

Permissions and credits
1.1: Fixed some textures
1.2.1: Brought back all the previous options + Jiggle physics options (you can disable it, or make it less jiggly)
1.3: Fixed bow tie.
1.4: Leotard has now PVC fabric material.
     Added new normal maps so that creses on the clothing is visible.
     Vivid color customization.
     Fixed jiggle physics.
1.5: Added Long gloves option.
1.6: Added Alternative garter belt option.
1.7: Minor changes. Cleaner normal maps. New skeleton rigs.
New: Coat, a complete custom model
New: Choker
Added Stockings Darkness options
Added Disable Coat Dye options
Now uses high-res skin textures
Nails are colorable
Improved leotard and gloves' normal maps
No longer supports less busty options due to too much work
(and I didn't like them at all. You can still download old version files if you insist)
Bunny ears are now fully colorable
Minor fixes and improvements here and there
2.1: Fixed butts.
Added Coat without scoutfly cage and knife.
2.2: Fixed thigh normals.
2.3: Fixed butt split.
2.4: Replaced high heels with better ones.
2.5: Very subtle bug fix. (Fixed leotard seams that are noticable in certain posture)

Note that...

This mod replaces Brigade layered armor set. The mod has many options including chest sizes, tie type, no collar, and jiggle physics.
I will not give any advise or help to those who use Vortex or any kind of mod manager. Please learn not to use them.

Hair mod used in the images: Ponytail with Bangs

1. Unzip Main File first.
2. Copy 'nativePC' folder.
3. Paste on your MHW directory (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World)
4. Unzip Optional File.
5. Choose what you want. Refer to the preview screenshots if you're confused.
6. Go deeper to folders until you find 'nativePC' folder.
7. Copy 'nativePC' folder.
8. Paste on your MHW directory (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World

Remove pl036_0000 and mangie_bunny folder from your nativePC\pl\f_equip

CrazyT2018 and AsteriskAmpersand for BlenderMhwModelImporter
highsouled for Texture Converter
JodoZT for MHWNoChunk (Sectional Chunk Decompress Tool)
AsteriskAmpersand for mrl3 editor
Statyk and Karbon for ctc template for 010 editor
AsteriskAmpersand and his team for their Hyperthermia
MHW Modding discord for helping me solve unsolvable mysteries

Please consider supporting the modder by donating a couple of bucks!
My paypal:

Have fun!