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A layered armor set replacing the butterfly layered set with Cordelia/Tiamo from Fire Emblem: Awakening (model from FE:W).

Permissions and credits
My first mod! Inspired by the works of xSkarlet and zStatykz, without whom this mod would undoubtedly NOT exist. 

To install, unzip and place nativePC in
Steam\SteamApps\common\Monster Hunter World\

Presently only works with Female Hunters. In theory, by copying the files to the right filename, it should work with males-- but I haven't tested it nor is it high on my list of priorities at the moment. Someday I'll probably Cirify it, and that'll cover my bases. 

The butterfly layered set is replaced with Cordelia.

Current Features: 
-Iceborne compatibility!
-Full model replacement, including head 
-Hair physics 
-Recolorability on the red parts of her clothes. I also added some recolorability to the other clothing components, so that they would change in tint. The red hair doesn't change, it's set that way. If you don't like it, sue me. 

Planned for the future (in order of how likely I am to tackle them AND in what order I plan to):
- Make the outline on the model snow-resistant
- Look into adjusting the textures for the head, they're incredibly susceptible to light
- Add Cordelia's spear from Fire Emblem Warriors
- Implement collision on the hair to at least somewhat reduce the clipping, because I am well aware that the clipping is a nightmare. 
- Ciri-fy it. That way, male hunters can use it, and it'll have face physics. 
- Make it mantle-friendly. It isn't. Cyril knows. Cyril just don't care that much. 

Suggestions welcome. Since it's my first go around, I know it won't be perfect, but I'm eager to hear feedback. 

Big thanks to:

Statyk, for both inspiration (with his Camilla mod) and an unfathomable amount of support when developing this mod. Seriously my man, it would not exist without your help. And your encouragement. It took me five months to get off my ass and finish Cordelia, but I don't know if it'd have ever even gotten done without you prodding me on.

xSkarlet, for giving me the last push I needed in the comments of your Azura mod to make my own, and for supporting me along the way with tips and guidance. 

AsteriskAmpsersand for both the tools needed for every step along the way (I can't even imagine exporting models without his help). And a shout-out to the folks on his MHW Modding Discord channel! 

KuroKairaku for the model rip from FE:W.