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Alternate Swimsuit, Skin, Eye and Hair Colors for the Handler.

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Alternate Swimsuit, Skin, Eye and Hair Colors for the Handler, as requested. Consists of material and texture edits.
Does not replace the default outfit, due to paid DLC issues.

This mod is for a paid DLC costume, and circumventing paid DLC is not allowed on Nexus, so please don't ask me how to.
You need to either have purchased this costume, or figure it out yourself.

Default swimsuit color is green swimsuit, light skin, default brown hair, and aqua-blue eyes. You can mix and match parts.
Screenshots use my prettier face textures.

Should be compatible with my cuter face model. I think you need to overwrite the cuter face mrl3 with this one, but I haven't tested it.
If that doesn't work, just use the cuter face mrl3. But then the eye colors won't work.

List of changes:
- Orange tan removed from skin.
- Removed some layers of the swimsuit.
- Shortened/simplified the Paleo. Can't remove it entirely, because it shows a small gap around her waist.
- Lots of color variations.
- Black swimsuit variation has flowers removed.
- Removed the default outfit replacement files. Nothing else has been updated yet.

- Incompatible with mods that use the same mrl3 and tex files, or replace the Handler default or swimsuit models.
- If the hair color looks too dark, try the "lighter hair texture".
- Hair sometimes clips through scalp, because her scalp hair is part of her face texture, instead of being a scalp mesh like player hair.
- Dark skin has darker clothing because the waist skin is connected to the shorts, so I darkened all the clothing to make the skin match.
- No nude version, because Handler does not have body mesh under her clothes.
- No barefoot because removing the sandals leaves strange shadows on her feet, and I can't figure out why.
- No plans to add more colors, because it's a huge pain.
- No plans for more swimsuit variations. If you really want to, you can edit the transparencies yourself using this post I wrote.
- Face and eye color are defined in the same mrl3, so I've only provided two eye color options per skin color.
If you really want to, you can edit the color values yourself using this post I wrote and these links for conversion between values:

Unpack the Alternate Handler Swimsuit main files (with folders) into Steam\Steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World\
Install the optional files on top (overwrite).

If you want to revert to the original, simply delete the mod files in NativePC\npc\npc02

Thanks to Vuze for the unpacking tools, daemon1's raw texture converter (correct offset can ungarble TEX, correct values are around 100 to 118, I think), MHWTexConvert for converting DDS to BC7 and MT Framework tools by Predator for allowing me to see the UVs.