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Tool to pause, resume, restart and force quit Monster Hunter: World at any time. A quick and small task manager.

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WorldProcessTool v1.2
Tool by MHVuze

This tool gives you quick access to suspend, resume, restart and force quit for the running instance of Monster Hunter: World; a mini task manager for the game so to speak.
It is mainly aimed at mod developers (restart and force quit) but also has its merits for the average player (game pause and resume).

Tested and working with game build 151639.

Use at your own risk! While there shouldn't be any ban risk (these are Windows system features after all), you may lose or corrupt your save data etc.
Make sure you have a backup routine going. You should anyway, given that the game can apparently randomly corrupt your save data after quests.
Game resume has worked fine after a 20min pause in my testing but there's always a chance that something makes the game freak out given it's not an engine-native implementation.

1. Run WorldProcessTool and Monster Hunter: World
2. To activate any of the features, use the corresponding key combo

If you downloaded this mod from anywhere but NexusMods, be wary of malicious modifications.



Donations are appreciated: https://streamlabs.com/mhvuze
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mhvuze