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Ever wanted to play as Hub Lass? Sisterly Fourth? This mod replaces the first 4 female presets for character creation with the facial data of a couple of existing NPC characters! All you have to do is select one and confirm, and get hunting!

Permissions and credits
This will change the facial data of the first 4 female presets to some of my favorite female NPCs in the game. I plan on adding more in the future! With this method of editing the preset data, creating and sharing custom characters is going to be pretty easy.

Here are the 4 I chose first:
Female Preset 1 -> Hub Lass
Female Preset 2 -> Arena Lass
Female Preset 3 -> Squad/Event Manager
Female Preset 4 -> Sisterly Fourth 

New In Version 1.0.1
Female Preset 5 -> Hub Provisions

Choosing one of these presets will actually save your character's appearance to be just like the original NPC! This means if you apply it, you no longer need the mod, and will continue appearing as them on that account for as long as you wish. Other players will see you as them, they do not need the mod installed.

Simply unzip the in the Monster Hunter World Steam Directory, so that the folder nativePC is there.
The path is typically found at: \Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World\

If you want to revert to the original, simply delete the mod files in nativePC\stage\st407\common\preset\

A Huge thanks to MHVuze for the WorldChunkTool.
Unfortunately the main cast of characters do not have a .cmp file that I could find, as they probably use separate models from the player model.
Have an NPC you'd like to play as? I can potentially add them to the list!
Fun Fact; You can access unreleased DLC hair right now (Handler, Admiral) through editing the hairstyle hex value too, but I don't want to risk playing online with that.