Monster Hunter Rise

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Chad'ette Blading in the Buff Body mod!!
Mods shown and/or used in video:
Shapely Buff Alpha Armor - Created by Particulate Pommels:
MHW Guild Palace Disc - Created by kuro217th_Rita -

HunterPie v2 - Overlay and Rich Presence - Created by Haato:
Replace Wirebug Dash SFX with Spider-Man's Web Shooter Sound - Created by BambooBread:

REFramework - Created by praydog:
RiseTweaks - Created by Ashai:

Remove Monster Kill-Cam Plus Stylish SlowMo Finishers - Created by Bolt:
Monster Weakness Icon Indicator for MHRise - Created by celluloid:
Disable Colorgrading LUT - Created by Remoe:
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