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Exchanges basic player animations (idle, walking, running, sprinting) for more feminine ones.

Permissions and credits
This mod takes the follower animations for Fiorayne and swaps them onto the player. Animations changed include standing, walking, running, sprinting, and weapon sheathing.

No longer effects male hunters as of 1.3! (Hunting Horns should no longer cause infinite loading as of 1.3.1!)

Please note that sometimes certain animations, like getting up from the canteen, will look a little weird when going back to standing. This is because followers don't have 100% of the animations players do. Also, this will effect the animations for other players you see online, both male and female, as there is only one animation set for the player that is supposed to be neutral. This is a fairly minor and shouldn't be a problem.

About the sprinting animation: I've looked at it and tried to address the shakiness, but I'm fairly certain that's just how the animation is. It feels naturally bouncier. A different animation had a camera problem and I was able to fix it, but the same method doesn't work here so I'm left to assume that's just how the animation is.

Note about TU1: It seems there's a bug with some new DLC poses/gestures, MC Pose or the For the Fans 1+2. I'm not willing to buy them right now just to try and troubleshoot it, so I suggest for anybody to owns them to simply not use them or disable my mod first before taking a screenshot if you absolutely must for now. It is being looked into, but as such, this is a very low priority right now.

Special thanks to NSA Cloud for both providing the wroggi leg fix as well as making it so male hunters are no longer affected! And thanks to Keegars who sent updated prefabs for this for TU1.

Thank you to EmperorJackaxe for the showcase video.

Thank you to alphaZomega for creating and updating the motlist tool.

How to install:
Download and extract to your Mods folder for MHRise, then turn it on with Fluffy.