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Allows changing the FoV of Monster Hunter Rise. Changes the actual FoV instead of the offset adjustment the in-game menu provides. Improved version compared to REFramework FoV Changer. Supports Dog Riding Dash FoV increase. Allows adjusting bow/gun aim zoom in.

Permissions and credits
Extract the files in your `reframework/autorun` folder which should be located in your MonsterHuner Rise game folder. This mod predates the changes to reframework, please remove the legacy 'autostart' folder.
The mod consists of two files:
- 'djevvsFovChanger.lua'
- 'key_enums-djevvsFovChanger.lua'
These should now be in the 'autorun' folder in your reframework folder.

Start the game.
Once in Kamura you can use the "Djevv's FoV Changer" menu of REFramework to adjust the settings.

These settings do not persist restarts. In order to have your favorite settings applied by default edit the 'djevvsFovChanger.lua' file and edit the 'initial...' values to your liking .

  • initialFov
    The FoV setting which will be applied automatically once you start the game and enter Kamura.
  • initialGunZoom
    How much the bow guns zoom in when pressing the aim button.
  • initialBowZoom
    How much the bow zooms in when pressing the aim button.
  • initialAdjFoV
    Magnitude and direction the current FoV should be adjusted from the 'FoV' value when the 'FoV toggle key' is pressed
  • initialKeyboardTogglekey
    Pressing this key while the value 'Enabled FoV toggle' is marked with a check mark will apply or remove the FoV adjustment value
  • initialFovToggleEnabled
    setting this to true will enabled the FoV toggle button by default