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Model replacement for the twins.

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Update v2.2 - Updated for TU2
Update v2.1 - Follower support added
Update v2.0 - Updated for Sunbreak

Replaces the twins with a doodle. Might boost your performance if you have a potato PC.
Should be compatible with mods like Wyverian Appearance (Hinoa and Minoto's Outfits Remake) Prefect Cosplay
Might not be compatible with Minoto and Hinoa Hair 

Original art link: Monster Hunter Rise, Minoto / 絵柄 / May 28th, 2021 - pixiv
Artist twitter:  ケンピー (@ultrakenp)

Fluffy Manager
1. Download and install the most recent version of Fluffy's mod manager.

    This can be found here:

2. Drag and drop the mod rar to Fluffy Manager's mods folder ([mod manager folder]\Games\MHRISE\Mods) then open the manager and install.

1. Download and install the most recent version of nfh994's mod installer

    This can be found here: FirstNatives at Monster Hunter Rise - Nexus mods and community

2. Open the rar and extract the "Natives" folder from the CORE folder to your game directory
3. Open one of the optional folders in the rar (for example "Ingot M Option") and extract the  "Natives" folder to your game directory

  • Alphazomega for the noesis plugin
  • Silvris for MDF manager
  • Fluffy and his sock puppets
  • Asterisk for his Tex Chopper
  • ケンピー (@ultrakenp) for the art

You can support me here if you enjoy my work:

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