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Changes Every Kamura xxx I weapon to a more op weapon.

Permissions and credits
@=======================[email protected]

Please DO NOT use this mod in multiplayer as it ruins the hunting experience for others. 

@=======================[email protected]

MHRise - OP Weapon Mod

Mod Description

This mod changes the Kamura xxx I weapon to a more op weapon. in general it gives u more damage, defence, affinity, sharpness and changes ur weapon type to explosive/boom. 
This mod does not 1 shot, which will keep some of the hunting experiences to get u stay excited. 

  1. Before doing anything please backup/make a copy of your save file. default steam MHRise save is located at 
  2. Im not responsible if u mess up ur save file somehow from installing this mod so make sure u make a backup of ur save before proceeding to the next step.
  3. This mod requires fluffy manager 5000 which could be downloaded here
  4. Open fluffy manager 5000
  5. Choose game - Monster Hunter Rise
  6. Add the downloaded mod (rar file) to fluffy directory - Games - MHRise - Mods 
  7. Refresh/refetch fluffy manager mod list
  8. re-read game archieve
  9. Turn the mod on

  1. Open up fluffy manager 5000
  2. Turn the mod off

Weapon it supports
  • Bow
  • ChargeAxe (Charge Blade)
  • DualBlades
  • Greatsword
  • Gunlance
  • Hammer
  • HeavyBowgun
  • Horn
  • Insect Glaive (Has lv 7 Insect stat)
  • Lance
  • LightBowgun
  • LongSword
  • ShortSword (Sword and shield)
  • SlashAxe (Switch Axe)

If you have any issues or appreciate the work please leave a comment. Again please dont use this in multiplayer as it ruins the experience for others. 
Im also new to the modding community so any suggestions on how to improve would be appreciated. 
Im not sure if this would still work after sunbreak DLC but most likely it wouldnt. If it wouldnt then ill see what i can do to fix it. 
You might need to turn ur other weapon mods off inorder for this mod to work, so if there are no changes after installing this mod, please turn ur other mods off and turn this mod on then start MHR to see if it works. 

Mod still works, last checked: 11/04/2022

:Using Insect Glaive as main test weapon
:Changed Atk
:Changed Defence
:Changed Affinity
:Changed Sharpness
:Changed InsectGlaive Kinsect Lv
:Added Boom/Explosive type
:Changed explosive type damage
:Changed same data for all other weapons

:Fluffy Manager 5000
:LaFwayFway (For letting me know how to start modding)