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Replaces a Greatsword of your choice with Royal Greatsword from Elden Ring

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Update v3.0 - TU6 update
Update v2.1 - added 3 options: Moonlight, lunagaron and barioth tree

Update v2.01 - updated for Sunbreak TU1
Update v1.9999999 - updated for Sunbreak. Removed "moonlight" option for now. Simplified the mod so that it replaces Aknosom tree
Update v1.4000001 - added standalone versions that replace Nargacuga or Defender/Buster trees 
Update v1.4 - added a new variation "moonlight"
Update v1.3 - more texture adjustments so gems look more like gems + added black and silver retexture options
Update v1.2 - adjusted the textures a bit + added a retexture option that removes the blood
Update v1.1 - fixed the issue where the sword would randomly disappear/appear

Puts Guts' Blaidd's sword over any GS. I've made a few adjustments so that it looks acceptable when the weapon is sheathed:
1. Portion of the handle retracts when sheathed
2. Sheathed position of the weapon is changed, because I found the vanilla position for sheathed weapons too high for this sword

Includes 4 retexture options (made by me)
  • No blood - original scheme, but removes most of the blood
  • Black  - Berserk Dragonslayer style blade with a black guard
  • Silver - Berserk Dragonslayer style blade with a silver guard
  • Moonlight - similar scheme to the moonlight greatsword from past FromSoft games (you can also install the other retexture options over this option, if you want to change the guard colour) - Removed for now. I'll add it back eventually
The mod has been simplified for Sunbreak so that it only replaces the Aknosom weapon tree. If you want it to replace another weapon type, you can refer to this wiki for the weapon IDs. Just rename the pfb file located in natives\STM\player\prefab\weapon\GreatSword to the one you want replaced instead. For reference, Aknosom is G_Swd052.pfb.17, and if you wanted it to replace Buster Blade, you can rename that to G_Swd024.pfb.17

I'll eventually do versions for other weapons, please be patient.

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Fluffy Manager
1. Download and install the most recent version of Fluffy's mod manager.

    This can be found here:

2. Drag and drop the mod rar to Fluffy Manager's mods folder ([mod manager folder]\Games\MHRISE\Mods) then open the manager and install.

IMPORTANT - Make sure to install the CORE FILE in the mod pack before you install any of the trees, if you don't, the game will crash when it tries to load the model you replaced (check the gallery for clarification)

  • Alphazomega for the noesis plugin
  • Silvris for MDF manager
  • Fluffy and his sock puppets
  • Asterisk for his Tex Chopper
  • Kanbara914 for providing the model + textures
  • Fromsoft modding community for their modding tools (Ekey, Atvaark, asasasasasbc, daemon1, kotn3l)

You can support me here if you enjoy my work:

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