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Compatible with the latest updates of sunbreak!

Replaces the finishing sound of sharpening your weapon to the "klick NICE"

Permissions and credits
To install simply paste the file "re_chunk_00x.pak.patch_00y.pak" into the root folder of your game directory.
If you already have mods via .pak files installed, make sure to increase the y number. The x number should normaly be 0.

E.g. if you have already installed the file "re_chunk_000.pak.patch_000.pak" you rename my file to "re_chunk_000.pak.patch_001.pak"


Added a fluffy manager version!

Big thanks to Caboozles1 who wrote a description on how to mod the sound files!

Check out my other mods as well!

--Added base files
--Also added an alternative sound from Chuck E. Cheese "Poggers"

--Increased the volume of the Nice Meme, as it would be too silent in fighting scenes
--Fluffy manager version now is packed as .rar

--Tweaked the audio file so that the moment the "klick" sound is played matches the blink when sharpening