Monster Hunter Rise

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FateGrand Order - Saber Lily (Armor): Replace Damascus X
FateGrand Order - Calibur (GS): Replace Daybreak Cleaver
FateGrand Order - Calibur (LS): Replace Daybreak Blade
FateGrand Order - Ex+Calibur (CB): Replace Rosenemolgia
FateGrand Order - Calibur (SnS): Replace Rosengedien

Permissions and credits
Please use Fluffy Manager 5000 to install the mod.

Change the numbers(Model Name) to your favourite model
for armor:
for weapon:
" ...natives\STM\player\prefab\mod\f\pl001\f_arm001.pfb.17"
" ...natives\STM\player\prefab\mod\f\pl001\f_body001.pfb.17"
" ...natives\STM\player\prefab\mod\f\pl001\f_helm001.pfb.17"
" ...natives\STM\player\prefab\mod\f\pl001\f_leg001.pfb.17"
" ...natives\STM\player\prefab\mod\f\pl001\f_wst001.pfb.17"
" ...natives\STM\player\prefab\weapon\ShortSword\SS_Sld018.pfb.17"

Fluffy and Ekey for RETool
Fluffy for Fluffy Manager.
AlphaZomega and others for the RE Engine tools .
Silvris and others for MDF Manager.
AndoryuuRE for figuring out the algorithm for decrypting the PAK file.
本本子, Silvris, Ando, Asterisk, MHVuze, mhrice(wwylele), dtlnor for the MHR PC RE Tool file list.
Rich Whitehouse for Noesis.

Hope you can buy me a ko-fi. ( More mods are on my ko-fi.

Please do not redistribute, THANKS.