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Should change some of female helmets into male ones. Help wanted.

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Hello, I have never modded MH games, nor I plan to do more than just this single "project", if You can even call this a project.

I want this "mod" to change female helmets into male ones as I find most of female head attire ugly.

As ones interested in this type of mods knows, all M to F helmet mods are broken as of now. I simply want to try and fix this problem.

If You have a male hunter, please write in comments or post a link to Your:
folders, so I can download them and try and research possibilities. Eventually if You know how to decrypt and open .pak of MHRise give me a way to contact You.

I have onyly begun my adventure with MHRise so I have no way to see wich helmets changed and wich didnt, or wich are still broken or not.
I've  put few screenshots of helmets I've managed to switch and can confirm that work inside the game, at this time. (Game doesnt crash or infinite load)
There should be +/- 30 to 40 changed helmets. Screenshots are welcomed to keep track on wich helmets are changed and wich arent.

Lastly I dont know if files I uploaded will work or not so please write in comments if game doesnt launch or helmets doesnt change while "my" files are present.

To install this mod go into Your Steam\steamapps\common\MonsterHunterRise\ (where MonsterHunterRise.exe should be), and unpack "natives.rar" in there.
Remember to back-up Your prefab and mod folders before installing my mod!