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valor style in MHXX. you should read guide first.

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quick guide:

When you sheath your weapon or press the item button, you enter this stand that would allow you to:
- Evade any attack and automatically sheath your weapon
- Do a follow up attack if you don't want to/didn't evade; though you have to press the attack button (Normal [Y] or Spirit Blade [RT] attack) immediately after entering the stance as you just sheath your weapon otherwise.

Also, while the sheathing from pressing RB (sprint) when the weapon is drawn out does this stance for a short period, with the item button (X) version, you can hold it down, continually consuming stamina until you run out of stamina or you let go.

Evading an attack with this stance fills up your Valor meter a bit.

While not in Valor mode (so without Blue Gauge):
- You don't have access to Fade Slash
- You don't have access to the guard point (explained later)
- You can't do a full Spirit Combo and it's the normal one, not the Spirit Reckoning combo (so instead of 4 attacks, you can only do 3)

While in Valor mode:
- Your moveset is expanded, you can do Fade Slash
- When doing the first Spirit Slash, you have a guard point similar to Charge Blade's. This is essentially a really tight counter that really needs practise.
- Your Spirit Combo is unlocked
- The Valor Gauge will decrease overtime but constantly attack it refills it a bit (it essentially slow down the loss of Valor gauge)

For Hunter Arts (gauges at the bottom right):

- 樱花气刃斩 = Sakura Slash = Works like in Rise
- 练气解放圆月斩 = Unhinged Spirit = A buff Hunter Art that makes your Spirit Blade attacks not consume any Spirit Gauge for a set time
- 镜花架势 = Critical Juncture = Serene Pose
- 绝对回避【临战】= Absolute Readiness = A long invincible window's dodge Hunter Art, and recover 10 point sharpness guage
- 妖刀罗刹 = Devouring Demon = Another buff Hunter Art that makes your ATK up to 1.3x, but as a price, your health will continue to decrease