Monster Hunter Rise
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REFramework script. Monsters and effects will only move when you are moving.

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Hunt like SUPERHOT!

This mod modifies the flow of time in the game; the surrounding time will only flows while you are moving.

With an agile weaponry (such as Dual Blades or Insect Glaive), you experience pretty odd and little strategic hunting.
With a steadfast weaponry (such as Great Sword or Hammer), you experience much easier and little strategic hunting, like turn-based game.
If you're gunner, hunting experience becomes super-boring.

However, it is not a perfect SUPERHOT experience at this stage, because of my lack of modding skill.
Please keep the following points in mind.

It alters flow of time of:
  • monster's actions
  • almost of effects (e.g. hit effects, particles, etc.)
  • environmental animations (e.g. waterfall, sparkles, etc.)

It DOES NOT alters flow of time of:
  • projectiles (both yours and monsters)
  • endemic lives
  • buddies
  • sounds and music
  • quest timer
  • buff/debuff timers (both yours and monsters)
  • other internal timers (e.g. a timer that toppled monster to recover) 
Time passes normally when you are riding a monster, or when you are caught by a monster.
In multiplayer mode, this mod ceases to operate.

Enjoy it! (with your own risks.)