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A Longsword moves overhaul

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Dear Longsword samurais, have you ever performed a Soaring Kick but ended up flying over the monster and hitting nothing, leaving you in a punishing failure animation. Have you ever used Tempered Spirit Blade to effectively block an attack but were unable to execute a devastating move afterwards. Ever wanted a second chance after failing an Iai Spirit Slash? Undoubtedly, we all did. So let this mod pack up all your frustration and bring you a revitalizing experience.

The playstyles of Tempered Spirit Blade, Sacred Sheathe Combo and Spirit Reckoing Combo are primarily enhanced by this mod. Enjoy discovering the new move combos and transitions and do let me what you think.

*Don't forget to read the FAQ at the bottom of this page!

Move Overhaul

Gauge Level Damage Rate
  • White 1.04 -> 1.05
  • Yellow 1.08 -> 1.1
  • Red 1.12 -> 1.2

Tempered Spirit Blade

  • GP window 20 -> 40 frames
  • Wirebug cooldown 6s -> 5s

  • Gauge gain 45 -> 60
  • RT >> Spirit Blade III or Dividing Slash NO Spirit Blade I or II
  • LT+B >> Serene Post
  • RT+A >> Sacred Sheathe
  • Motion frames 80 -> 60 frames
  • LT+B >> Serene Post

Sacred Sheathe Combo

  • Manual Counter window 25 -> 30 frames

Auto Counter
  • Gauge gain 15 -> 40

Focus & Dodge Step
  • Consumes Gauge 50% faster
  • Dodge Step iframe 10 -> 20 frames
  • Dodge Step consumes 50% less stamina

Spirit Reckoning Combo

Dividing Slash
  • Motion frames for connecting Tempered Spirit Blade, Serene Post and Forsight Slash 40 -> 20 frames

Spirit Reckoning
  • Gauge requirement 25 -> 20
  • Granted Hyper Armor for 120 frames
  • 50% damage reduction during Hyper Armor
  • Motion frames 114/126 -> 100 frames
  • LT+Y >> Tempered Spirit Blade

Soaring Kick Combo

Soaring Kick
  • Wirebug cooldown 32s -> 20s
  • Motion frames 50 -> 25 frames

Down thrust
  • Motion frames 42 -> 20 frames

Spirit Helm Breaker
  • Motion frames 40 -> 20 frames

Harvest Moon
  • Wirebug cooldown 11.5s -> 8s per Wirebug
  • Duration 90s -> 180s
  • Motion frames 145 -> 100 frames

  • Drawn Double Slash - Hyper Armor frames from 20 -> 30 frames
  • Silkbind Sakura Slash - Wirebug cooldown from 36s -> 28s
  • Foresight Slash - GP Window from 40 -> 50 frames
  • Serene Post - Wirebug cooldown from 10s -> 7s per Wirebug

Optional Changes
Motion Values & Hitstops

>Harvest Moon Followup MV 22 -> 27
>Tempered Spirit Blade MV 34 -> 40
>Iai Spirit Slash Successful MV 35 -> 40 (was 55 before Sunbreak)
>Followup MV 17 -> 22 (was 35 before Sunbreak)
>Sacred Release Slash
>1st Hit Break & Partbreak rate 0.5 -> 0
>2nd Hit Break & Partbreak rate 0.5 -> 0, MV 155 -> 130
>3rd Hit Break & Partbreak rate 1.05 -> 2.05, MV 250 -> 300
>Reduced hit stops for Iai Spirit SlashSpirit ReckoningSacred Release Slash


1. What do the terms GP, MV, Hyper Armor and Motion frames mean?
> GP means Guard Point which refers to the action of countering an attack without incurring damage.

> MV means motion value which simply translates to how much damage this move deals or How powerful this move is.

> Hyper Armor is a state similar to GP. While it does not counter attacks, it does lessen the damage you take and prevents your move from being cancelled by attacks.

> Motion frames is the total frames you'd have to wait before you can perform another move. For instance, after executing a Tempered Spirit Blade without a successful counter, you would need to wait 80 frames before performing your next move. By moderately reducing motion frames, you can anticipate smoother move transitions.

2. Does this mod conflict with other similar LS mods?
> Yes, but it won't crash the game. The latter installed mod overwrites the same files used in previous mod. This mod does not change any MVs at all (Install the optional mod instead). Therefore, if you'd like to use it with mods like Sunbreak LS back to Rise, make sure to install them prior to this mod.

3. Can I toggle on/off certain features?
> No.


For Fluffy, install FirstNatives

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