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Unlocks layered armor pieces as you craft normal armor pieces, adding another layer of progression to the game. Also, allows you to unlock layered armor much sooner in the game.

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Whenever you craft a normal piece of armor, this mod will unlock the layered armor piece corresponding to that armor (only for non-special/non-dlc armor).
When you first load the game with this mod, it will automatically unlock the layered armor pieces for any armor you had crafted before installing this mod.

Some changes are permanent! Uninstalling this mod will not remove any layered armor you unlocked using it (but the layered progression system will be removed), so make sure to backup your save file if you're unsure and just want to try out the mod
Save file location is wherever your steam installation is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[STEAM ID]\1446780\remote

I made this mod due to the fact that I hate having to wait until the end of the game in order to unlock layered armor and also, I feel the process of making layered armor, once you do unlock it, is very easy. 

With this mod, you add another layer of progression into the game while also giving you access to layered armor much sooner. Normally, you would never want to craft any armor pieces that have skills/stats you do not need, but with this mod, you may end up wanting to craft a certain piece of armor just to unlock it's layered armor version. As a result of this new feature, a bit of difficulty is added when unlocking layered armor, as to craft any single armor piece requires you to get specific monster drops, rather than easily crafting the whole layered armor set like it normally is in the game.

The mod should work for every armor piece in the game (other than special/dlc armor) but I have not had the chance to test them all due to still being early in the game.


Place the LUA script file in the REFramework autorun folder. For example:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MonsterHunterRise\reframework\autorun

BobaPearl & Synthlight - Helped with finding Sunbreak IDs, thank you!