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Lock every useful talisman and unlocked the others.

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WARNING: This mod changes the lock state on your talismans. If you don't want that, please skip this mod.

This mod reads all of your talismans and determines which are useful. It'll lock the useful ones and unlock the others.

By calling a talisman "useful", it means that no other talisman is better than the talisman.
A talisman A is "better" than the other talisman B if putting some decorations into A could make A have every skill that B has, and still has more or equal decoration slots.
For example, If A has Weakness Exploit LV1, 3-1-1 slots. B has Weakness Exploit LV2, 1 slot. By putting a Tenderizer Jewel 2 into A, A will become Weakness Exploit LV2, 1-1 slots, which has every skill that B has while still having 1 more LV1 slot. Therefore A is better than B.
Please note that it's common to find A not better than B while B also not better than A. So this mod is very likely to lock more than 2/3 of your talismans unless you un-want many skills.


Open your equipment box at least once for the game to load the data.

Open the setting window by clicking "Talisman Organizer Settings". You can set your preference for each skill.
  • Want: The mod would ignore skills that you don't want. For example, if you uncheck Critical Eye, then a talisman with Weakness Exploit LV2, 1-1 slots would be better than a talisman with Weakness Exploit LV2, Critical Eye LV2, 1 slot.
  • The more the better: A skill with more levels is better than a skill with fewer. For example, Attack Boost 3 is better than Attack Boost 2.
  • Keep every level: A skill with more levels is NOT better than a skill with fewer levels. They must have the same level to be better. You might want to set skills like Evade Extender to this option.

You can also enable key binding and set the button you want to use. The default is disabled.
Click on the "Organize Talisman" button or your shortcut button to start processing. It might take a while. After completed, it'll send a message to the chat window indicating how many talismans were processed and how many were locked.

TrueOverZenith - Key binding
vicuuu - 1.3.2 fix
theblahhh - Updating decoration list and adding a function to fetch decoration data
zxeoc - 1.4.2 fix