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Change the color of the hair of Minoto and Hinoa

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--------- General information ---------
This is my very first mod. I was doing some experimentation and I got it right so I decided to publish it.

It's a simple mod that changes the hair color of Minoto and Hinoa in purple

--------- Installation ---------
With Fluffy Manager :

Put the mod folder in the Fluffy manager mod folder ---> Games\MHRise\Mods\

Turn on the mod on the Fluffy Manager
*If the mod does not appear, click on "Refresh mod list"*

Without Fluffy Manager :

Put the "natives" folder in your Monster Hunter Rise folder
ex : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MonsterHunterRise

--------- Uninstallation ---------
Turn off the mod in the Fluffy Manager

Or just delete the mod in the "natives" folder :
---> MonsterHunterRise\natives\stm\npc\mod\npc002_00\npc002_00_hair
---> MonsterHunterRise\natives\stm\npc\mod\npc102_00\npc102_00_hair

--------- Credit ---------
- Fluffy and Ekey for RETool, and Fluffy again for Fluffy Manager.
- AlphaZomega and others for the RE Engine tools .
- Silvris and others for MDF Manager.
- AndoryuuRE for figuring out the algorithm for decrypting the PAK file.
- 本本子, Silvris, Ando, Asterisk, MHVuze, mhrice(wwylele), dtlnor for the MHR PC RE Tool file list.
- Noesis by Rich Whitehouse.
atrarch for the the format of the description