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Grants talismans after completing certain quests.

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How to Install?

To install, you will first need to have REFramework installed. Then just extract the zip in the main folder for Monster Hunter Rise.

Compatible with Sunbreak, use latest REFramework.

What does it do?

Grants a free talisman roll of Wisp of Mystery for completing some of the higher level quests in the game. You will have to have at least one free slot in the melding pot for it to work.

Note: It does not give talismans at the quest reward screen
, although I am exploring if this is a possibility.

Which quests give rewards?
There are two different reward modes.

Default: Meant for those progressing through the story, the rewards are given after completing SOME 7* quests, this includes elder dragons, advanced quests and other 7* quest that the game marks as being highest difficulty. For Sunbreak it gives Wisp of Mystery talismans for quests 5* bellow and Animafor quests above 6*.

Endgame mode (enable through reframework menu): This is meant for people grinding after finishing the story, gives Wisp of Mystery for all HR quest and Anima for all MR quests.