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Shiranui Mai's Outfit from DoA 6 | Replace "Hunter" Armor

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Shiranui Mai's Outfit from DoA 6
*ver.11 Compatible

  • Armor: Hunter

Main File 1:  Shiranui Mai's Outfit (Fluffy Manager)
  • Install with mod manager Fluffy Manager. 
  • Install with FirstNatives. Unzip "natives" into your MHR folder where MonsterHunterRise.exe is.

Main File 2:  Shiranui Mai's Outfit (pak)
  • Unzip,  simply put "re_chunk_000.pak.patch_001" into your MHR folder where MonsterHunterRise.exe is. Rename the last 3 digits to the NEXT following number if "001" is already taken.

Optional File 1: Shiranui Mai's Outfit - Pastel Blue

Optional File 2: Shiranui Mai's Outfit - Purple

In addition:
  • You are able to change the replacements (not available with pak). Notice that you need to repack and install after changing the replacement IDs when you are using Fluff Manager otherwise it won't work. No repack reinstall needed with FirstNatives (recommended).
  • For your own replacement armor, locate "natives\STM\player\prefab\mod\f\pl002",  rename folder "pl002" and all files in that folder. The armor IDs refer to here.
  • Folder and files located "natives\STM\player\prefab" won't be removed when you uninstall with Fluff Manager, so you have to delete it manually.
  • Dytsers Physics Enabler is no longer necessary. Don't touch anything else unless you know exactly what you're doing.

RE_MESH-Noesis-Plugin/RE_RSZ/Chain template & script - alphazolam
Asterisk_MHR_Tex_Chopper - AsteriskAmpersand
MDF Manager - Silvris
MHRUnpack/FirstNatives - nfh994
Model and Texure - DoA 6

Removed unnecessary files;
Fixed the color of the ribbon on the hair.

Fixed "pfb" files to work with ver.11.

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