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A Quest Editor and Quest Loader for Monster Hunter Rise (Sunbreak)

Permissions and credits
This is mod contains both a Quest Editor as well as a Quest Loader.

The Loader is needed to load quests created with the Quest Editor.

You DO NOT need both editor and loader. If you only want to PLAY custom quests you only need the loader. The editor is only needed if you want to make your own quests.

Installing the Loader
First install REFramework from here:

To install the loader, extract the in your Monster Hunter Rise directory. After installing the loader your folder structure should look similar to this:
Monster Hunter Rise/
├── reframework/
├── plugins/
├── QuestLoader.dll
└── ...
└── quests/
└── ...
├── dinput8.dll
├── MonsterHunterRise.exe
└── ...

The quests folder you can see in the above directory tree is where custom quests get installed.

Installing the Editor
The editor does not need any special installation procedure. You can put it wherever you want, just make sure all the files in the are together somewhere.

You HAVE TO install .NET 6.0 (or higher) if you haven't already. Download the Desktop x64 version from here:

Here's a picture of what you need to click:

Further instructions on how to make custom quests can be found here:

The source code for both the editor and the loader can be found here:

Thanks to all of the testers:
- AkantoreX
- IDeVaste
- FitzChevelarie
- nfh
- Serena
- Silvris
- Stracker
- Sytherias
Thanks to them I was able to fix lots of bugs.

Special thanks to:
- DSC-173 for help with initial understanding of the NormalQuestData structure.
- praydog for development of REFRamework, which made this entire thing possible. He also aided me during development several times.
- Aradi147 for his Monster Hunter World Quest Editor, from which I took heavy inspiration.