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This mod removes the hard cap of 3 consecutive blast dashes on ground, or 2 on air. Use your whole clip to blast away!
Optionally disables itself whenever you are fighting. Works on Sunbreak!

Permissions and credits
Works on Sunbreak!

The game counts how many times you have used blast dash consecutively and resets the counter when you land. This mod is a simple REFramework script that prevents the game doing that and replenishes one shelling after dashing, allowing you to dash infinitely. Enjoy!

The mod also has a feature that re-enables the cap whenever you're fighting monsters, that is, when you hear monster music, to keep the battle experience vanilla. Small monsters don't count. In Rampage, the cap will be enabled only during actual waves, so you can dash to your heart's content during the preparation phase.

You can also configure the mod to your liking, here are the options inside the REFramework menu > Script Generated UI > Blast off:

  • Deactivate when in battle(on by default) - When enabled, this option will make the entire mod be disabled during fights
  • Replenish one ammo when dashing outside battles(on by default) - When enabled, using a blast dash in the air will replenish one ammo, allowing you to blast dash infinitely even with low ammo capacity gunlances (like Wide)
  • Multiplayer settings
  • Keep cap removed in multiplayer(on by default) - When enabled, the blast dash cap will stay removed in multiplayer, allowing you to use your whole clip in one go.
  • Replenish one ammo when dashing in multiplayer(off by default) - When enabled, the ammo replenishing feature will stay on even during multiplayer.

Personally, I think it's fine to keep the blast dash cap removed even in multiplayer, but enable ammo replenishing in multiplayer at your own risk.

Make sure to check out also: Gunlance Blast Dash Aerial Fullburst


  • Install REFramework;
  • Download your preferred version, place it on the game's .exe folder;
  • Extract it (use Extract Here, overwrite if needed);
  • That's it!

About battle detection
If you find a situation where the mod detects you're in battle when you are not, feel free to create a bug report! I am still at ⭐4 so I haven't tested the battle detection in all kinds of quests yet.

Important: When making a bug report, don't forget to screenshot the new Debug Info screen on REFramework > Script Generated UI > Wirebug Flight > Debug Info. That will help lots when debugging. Including the version (it's at the bottom of the Wirebug Flight section)  in the screenshot also helps a lot.


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