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Bring Followers with you on solo Quests. Hub, Village, Event, or Urgent: the hunters of Elgado and Kamura stand with you. Now with damage and monster scaling for real Pseudo-Multiplayer!

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For TU3:
The mod functions normally if you do not use the new mechanic to bring Followers on MR/Anomaly Quests. Only by avoiding that and using the mod's loadout system will you get the benefits of damage scaling, Event/Arena Quest usage, etc.
Followers are no longer restricted to a small number of Quests!
Pick your squad - up to four Followers at once - and summon them with you into solo Hub/Village/Event quests.

Select Followers
Open the mod menu in the "Script Generated UI" section of the REFramework menu and select which followers and weapon loadouts you want to join you. When you then enter a Quest, they will come and aid you. This will not take place if:
  • You are issuing, or responding to, a Join Request
  • You are in a Lobby (configurable)
  • You are starting an Arena or Challenge Quest (configurable)
  • The Quest has its own Followers (e.g. Support Surveys or some Urgent Quests)
  • The Quest map has issues with Followers (the Stronghold)


Select "Balance Solo Quests" to bump up Follower damage to the level of decent player teammates, as well as apply monster scaling based on the number of Followers you bring. Use the built-in settings or configure your own scaling and adjustments.

Follower preview and quick toggle
A mini-window will appear during the Quest preparation phase, reminding of who will be joining you and allowing you to toggle the mod on/off with a hotkey (configurable). 

Advanced Options
  • Use up to 4 Followers instead of the usual 2 - Note that the ally status list is limited and not all Followers may be displayed. Seems limited to 3 Followers at once. The 3r4d and 4th Followers are restricted to certain weapon types due to crashes introduced in TU3.
  • Ignore Progress Gates - Allows you to select all Followers before you have completed their mission chains and unlocked them for normal Support Surveys. This will also allow you to bring them along before you've even met them or entered MR!
  • Allow for hosted Quests in Lobbies - For playing with friends. Won't work in the Coral Palace or Anomaly Investigations as these can crash client players.
  • Allow in Arena/Challenge Quests - Followers must be equipped with one of the Quest's' available weapon types or the game will crash. If they can't use any for the Quest, they will not appear.
  • Allow Clones - You can bring multiple of the same Follower, but it can get buggy. They share a health pool, the AI can get confused, and if they don't have different weapons, there is the possibility of crashing. It looks cool though!
  • Use Palamute Toggles - Specify if Followers should hide their Palamutes. They will re-summon them only if you mount up to keep pace, and then dismiss them when you get down.
  • Customize Quick Window - Turn Quick Window off, change mod toggle hotkey, and move the window position.
  • Customize Follower Damage and Monster Scaling - Did you know that all Followers are subject to a massive damage penalty? No wonder they hit like Buddies despite having awesome stats. Set your own values to bump those up - and the Monster health pools as well  - for a true solo multiplayer experience!