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This mod is a complete theme overhaul of the Omnistat Tunnels beneath the Rezoning district.

Version 1.0 Features

> Changes the main color of the tunnels to green. Now they look like the Stormdrains from the original Mirror's Edge. 
> Makes the Black November HQ red themed. 
> Removes rust leaks, mold and gunk from the walls which gives the tunnels a cleaner, more minimalistic feeling.


~ Due to having to change the color of a cloth asset that is also used in the Shard level, I changed the color of the rest of the banners hanging outside the Shard to red as well.
~ There is still two cloths outside BN HQ, a decal stripe on one of the pipes inside the HQ and a few lights that are orange. Those will be changed in later versions.
~ One of the orange decals inside the first Gridnode you hack will be green. Unfortunately we can't do anything to change that yet.

Many many thanks to the peeps over at the Catalyst discord server. This mod would not have been possible without them.
Special thanks to GalaxyMan2015, Derwangler, zhpete and Hitta Kärnan.