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Everyone, at least me, gets bored in MEC. These skin changes will make it a little bit more interesting.

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Faith got some upgrades! Now she wants to be stylish like the rest of the city


Before Faith got arrested, she removed her eye tattoo.  KSec misunderstood couple commands and wrote down she still had the tattoo.

Faith liked the jeans, so she kept them. Other runners made a new prototype of glove for her as a gift, though it's all black.

After Icarus gave Faith the MAG, Noah send Plastic its blueprints. She is working on MAGnetic holder to increase mobility.

Dogen gave Faith an upgrade for the MAG. Plastic decided it's a good time to test her invention. She mounted a smaller version of MAG on a magnetic holder connected to her glove.

Icarus and Faith met the Black November. They had a lot of time to develop new technologies. Rebecca knew Faith's parents, she really liked them, so she gave Faith more powerful attachment for MAG. It is based on gridlink and connects to the MAG that Faith already has.

After returning from The Shard, Faith trained a lot. Plastic used technology used in Faith's glove and modified GridLink to make MAG even smaller. Now Faith can shoot MAG rope out of her glove.