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Unparalleled freedom within the City of Glass

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Unparalleled freedom within the City of Glass

Current features:

- Large platform with collision added to street level
- All kill volumes removed from the game (no instant-death areas)
- Almost all OBB's removed from the game (no invisible walls)
- Almost all movement exclusion zones removed from the game (wallrun everywhere)
- No out of bounds warnings during missions


- The remaining OBBs and movement exclusion zones will be removed in future updates.
- Always back up your save. You may end up in a death loop after playing with this mod.
- This mod conflicts with the UGC Anywhere mod - make sure Faith in the Streets has higher load priority in the mod manager.

Feel free to contact me on Discord if you have any questions or issues: derwangler#6982
Screenshots taken by tinytrex


- Fixed an issue that caused a crash in parts of Centurian Yards

- Removed a couple kill volumes that were missed in Rezoning
- Collision added on the ground for parts of The View (still working on an elegant solution here!)
- Several OBBs removed from various parts of the city
- Mission out of bounds warnings removed!

Known issues:
- Access to the OmniStat tunnels is blocked off
- Ground in parts of Rezoning and The View have no collision
- Faith doesn't grab ledges after certain magrope pull-ups
- Several OBBs still block off some areas
- Several movement exclusion zones are still present
- Some walls and floors have lost collision