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I'll be sharing a mix of presets for ReShade.me .
This first mod,0.1 :
focus on base cinima look ' emphasized detailes with a denoise effect .

Track down the shaders listed in the preview image,
then apply the preset file i provide through ReShade' UI .

Permissions and credits
A .
List all shaders in Order as pictured ; Top to Bottom . 

Preview before and after : 

https://imgsli.com/NTY2ODE .

Then apply preset from ReShades UI ; 
press reshades Reload button shaders settings should apply . .

 1. Where to find ReShade, a global shader overlay program : 

2. I've not posted details where to find the shaders because it should be simple.
when you install reshade, it will ask what shaders you want to download . 

You can search for the shaders one at a time by internet search. 
( It takes some time but they are easy to find ) .

Most of the shaders are found on Github by their respective authors .

Simple press the RAW tab at github for whatever shader ,
copy text contents onto a text file, save, and name file the correct shader name.
change the .txt prefix to .fx 
  if your computers not showing file type, there should be a option somewhere to reveal that so you can then make the change . 

Then place shader into where reshade put its Shader folder, in Mirrors Edge Catalyst .

( If I'm feeling up to it, Ill provide links to all shaders for convience . 
I dont know if Im allowed to upload the shaders here. Ill find out .)