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Recreates the skies and lighting from the original Mirror's Edge game in Catalyst.

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This mod was an experiment to recreate the skies and lighting from the original Mirror's Edge game in Catalyst, using the Frostbite engine's physically based sky and dynamic lighting systems rather than a traditional skybox.

The result isn't perfect, but it highlights a significant artistic separation between the two games, and between realistic and stylistic design philosophies.

The Frosty Editor project file is also available if you fancy a laugh.

Below is a list of times of day (in seconds) in Catalyst and how their visuals relate to levels in the original game. I recommend using the MEC Time Changer tool to lock the time of day to these specific times:

00000 - The Boat (Midnight)
25200 - New Eden (7AM)
43200 - Heat (Noon)
61200 - Pirandello Kruger (7PM)
72000 - The Shard (9PM)

Some times of day in between those listed above will look really bad and broken because of how they transition together. The original game didn't have dynamic time of day so it didn't have this problem!

You must have Frosty version or later otherwise you will have an infinite loading screen!
This mod is incompatible with other mods that affect the ve_tod_XXXX files, for example Better Skies or Mars Atmosphere.
This mod has only been (barely) tested in free-roam and may not work correctly during missions.

For use with Frosty Mod Manager.