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Do you fancy yourself a 2000 year old Time Lord? Do you want to travel through time and space in your own TARDIS? Do you
like destroying Daleks and Cybermen? Do you look great in a bowtie?
Then you've come to the right place.

This project aims to make YOU the Doctor, by giving you a bigger on the inside TARDIS that will travel to many
different locations and enemies to fight and eventually, quests to

Also, if you want to go multiplayer so you can have some companions, go ahead! This map has been designed to work perfectly with

Best part of all: Absolutely no mods required. Not that this is really unusual anymore.

I have been working on this map for more than two years now (I worked on it for a while before uploading) and have placed over 500,000
blocks and built more than a dozen locations from the show as well as 9
console rooms from the original and current series. It's funny, because
originally I was just going to build a couple of rooms and one console
that could only travel to a forest, a dungeon, a village and another
place I've forgotten. Well, that changed a lot and I'm now working on
stuff bigger than I ever expected to, bigger than anything I've done
yet. But it will be a while before THAT update.

Current Locations
Bad Wolf Bay
The Madame de Pompedor
Uncle Digby's
No More
Ood Home World
Stone Henge
Water Temple
Aztec Village
Satalite 5
17th Century Ship
Amy's House
Leadworth (work in progress)
Gallifrey (work in progress)
The Drum
Viking Village
Dalek Ship

Current Console Rooms
Season 1 "Coral Console Room"
The War Doctors Console Room
Season 5 "Copper Console Room"
Season 7 "Neon Console Room"
12's Console Room
Original Series Console Rooms
Season 1 "Simply White Console Room"
Season 7
Season 8
Season 9

Doctor You contains collectable 'Secrets' hidden all over the map. With two or more players, see who can collect the most.

The download file includes both the map and the resourcepack (required).
The resourcepack includes three resolutions, 16x16, 32x32 and 64x64 (I
recomend using 64x64).

This is a 1.12 world and texture pack. Optifine is needed for the resourcepack to work correctly.

If you find any bugs, glitches or things that are broken, please notify me so that I can fix them. I'm not perfect and I sometimes
miss things.

You are welcome to make YouTube videos of this map, just put a link to this page
in the description of the video. (And please send me a link to the
video so I can see it)

Do NOT re-upload this map or the resourcepack.

Doctor Who is a registered trademark of BBC and this project is in no way endorsed or approved by BBC.