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General mod attempting to build upon vanilla.

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Terafor is an extremely early development mod for Forge attempting to build upon and hopefully improve the vanilla game experience.
Currently the mod only adds two things: copper equipment and silver equipment.
Copper ore generates commonly throughout the overworld and can be used to create tools and armor. The equipment stats are between iron and stone.
Silver generates semi-rarely throughout the overworld and is also used for tools and armor. The equipment stats are between iron and gold, with silver equipment also providing bonus damage/defense against undead mobs.
The next few updates (if they're finished) will include more materials (planned Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Witherite and Draconscale/bone), as well as new equipment (same materials as mentioned along with Emerald).
With the basics out of the way more interesting/odd things are being considered.
Source code and copyright info are on GitHub.