Might & Magic X: Legacy
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Legacy is a project whose goal is to create a new engine that allows modmakers to make changes to any aspects of the game, whether it's game mechanics.

Permissions and credits
We cannot guarantee that your save files (including cloud) will be compatible with this modification!
If in the future you delete the mod, the save may be incompatible with the original game.
We strongly recommend using different slots for saving with and without mod.

  1. Update the game to the latest version.
  2. Update MMXLegacy to the latest version.
  3. Copy new libraries to "\Might and Magic X Legacy_Data\Managed"


Ambiguous features are disabled by default.
To enable it, you need to edit the config.txt file.
To learn more, visit this page.


  • New skill: Merchant (wiki).


  • Map notes (wiki)
  • Random equipment is tied to classes of characters (wiki).

Bug fixes

  • Sutcking in combat fix
  • Windsword: Perfect Strike fix

The project is developing on GitHub. If you are a talented programmer, you can join the development at any time!

The modification does not include any copyrighted material.

Denial of responsibility
The platform is vulnerable to injecting malicious code. Developers are not responsible for any damage that you may incur. Be careful when installing custom scripts and unverified forks.

  • Mod is not compatible with any mods that change the game engine.
  • Mod is only compatible with the latest version of the game. We recommend to use the official version from the Steam.

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Suggestions and bug reports

If you have interesting ideas, or you noticed some bugs, please share it with us!