Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer
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Additional classes for Might and Magic VIII: Day of Destroyer: Sorcerer and Druid

Permissions and credits
Adds few new playable characters to the game (Sorcerer and Druid).
It was developed with minimal invasion to leave balance untouched, but just provide more options for replays, especially for solo.

How to use
1. Install GOG version of Might and Magic VII: Day of Destroyer.
2. Install GrayFace patch: https://grayface.github.io/mm/#GrayFace-MM8-Patch (I used version 2.4.1)
3. Install MMExtension (I used v2.2).
The easies way to do it is to download https://www.dropbox.com/s/qohxt8ijjh74mcw/MMExtensionTmp.rar?dl=1 and extract
it to the game folder with replacement.
3. Extract this archive to the folder with game with replacement.
4. Play! Note that new characters aren't available to start game with. It's ok - you can change class of any character
to new class by speaking with special teacher. All these teachers lives at the starting area (on a Dagger Wound Isle)

- compatible with saves from non-modded game.
- should work with any localization, but new dialog options and class names will be in English.
- dragons can be converted to new classes too, but it doesn't worth it, because they loose firebreathing and do not gain ability to wear clothes.

- NWC for great game series
- Guy from Nerd Commando for inspiration in his solo letsplays.
- GrayFace for the invaluable contribution in modding tools
- Rodril for the valuable hints regarding modding and for leading "MM678 Merge" project as source of examples and snippets.


New classes

Absolutely the same as Necromancer, but has Light Magic skill instead of Dark magic.
Can be promoted to Wizard.

Absolutely the same as Necromancer, but has Body, Mind and Spirit Magic skills instead of Dark Magic.
Can be promoted to Great Druid.

Justification of "class transformation" solution
I decided to not add new classes to the starting menu to avoid following problems.

- I could add new dedicated portraits for new classes, but I cannot draw them.
- I could use 4 portraits from MM7 or MM6, but there is no fair answer about which exactly. Also they style differs
from the MM* style.
- I could choose 4 portraits from available for another classes, but it'll look weird to see the same portraits for another class in the
character selection menu - player could even miss that it is another class. And there is still problem with fair
choice of dedicated portraits. Also it is more complex than current solution.

More than one character of new class in party.
- I could add new hireable NPCs in game, but it is more complex than current solution. Also it adds mess with portrait selection.