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Toggle hud elements such as the mini map and other set preferences in game default menus, already bind-ed to the controller and keys. D-pad up, H and J key.

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Update 17.1 i removed a sword trail and crossbow range finder effect. You can remove the wraith effects using the J key. If you don't like how wraith was affected by the original lesser effects, just remove these shader texts in the shader fixes folder. Delete them.


Update - 1/17/2021 if you get error notifications select keep settings that exist. Also do not install the game with HD textures DLC. This mod won't load them and will not work. However you can install the cutscene HD textures.  

Update 13.7 i removed trail effects from the dragons wings and elvish sprint burst. Also removed is the Orks tossed bombs yellow effect.

I am a non hud gamer so if you can't handle gaming using visual "second" sight then this mod isn't for you.

Depend on your perception for game play as this package has removed intrusive hud that works in story mode, free roam and quests etc...That's removed by a toggle or my personal design in this package. Along with effects.

Be aware i haven't fully accomplished the entire story modes with DLC and i may update this mod within the next few weeks. On my Nexus site i'll be adding two or three more different game UI packages soon. 

I've accomplished work around's for them. Stay tuned on my uploads for some more action packed immersion.

Instructions; put all these files at this location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ShadowOfWar\x64