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An overhaul of the Swiss airstrip, Croix de Coeur, which sits on the saddle of a mountain overlooking the towns of Verbier and Sion. The airstrip is a stones throw away from the famous Matterhorn glacier and offers a stunning view of the surrounding Swiss Alps.

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Installation is the same as for most mods, simply extract the folder and place it in the Community folder.

Altiport de Croix de Coeur (LSVE) is a very small 800ft grass strip located in Switzerland on the border between France and Italy. It sits just below the summit of a mountain overlooking the towns of Verbier and Sion. It is one of the closest airstrips to the Matterhorn glacier and sits right in the heart of the Alps. Additionally, this tiny airfield provides access to a popular restaurant, a bit further upslope, which overlooks the runway and surrounding mountains.

Landings only occur upslope on runway 21 with takeoffs taking place from runway 03. 

Features (0.1.0): 
- Terraforming. So much terraforming.
- Fixed some of the roads close to the airfield and restaurant.
- Fixed the parking lot and added vehicles
- Made the restaurant, the wooden cross, and #VERBIER sign in Blender. I've used Blender for a grand total of about 3 days so fair warning: do not view these objects too closely :p
- Covered up artefacts from the satellite imagery (shadows, parked cars, parked planes, fence lines, etc)
- Added windsocks

Future Updates:
May add railings to the 3D model of the restaurant rather than trying to use the in-game railings. 

Known Issues:
Originally I had added railings to the restaurant in the scenery editor but for some reason they would always misalign when the game loaded the airfield. If I opened the project and closed it they would no longer be misaligned. My thinking is that since they happen to sit above a complex bit of terraforming and are placed as floating objects rather than being attached to the ground, the game has issues calculating what height they should be at when it loads. Maybe it's a problem with the load order? As in it loads the objects, then terraforms, then recalculates the offset incorrectly? I am not familiar in this aspect of the game so for now I just deleted the railings on the restaurant.


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