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Lets make Gatwick Great Again!!
The default Ai Built Terminal structures are a bit rough, so im developing this free version at Nexus Mods

Permissions and credits
Update 4.2
Definite improved performance
First experiments with PBR textures.. Pier 2 now has a test wall of PBR Bricks
Boeing hanger- Planes may pop up and down still. The 787 is a simobject  asset  in Developer mode.., not sure why they are popping up and down
Possibly doing it less now that i disabled snap to ground. The front area of hanger is showing Bing maps construction site of the hanger.. I will cover this with a thicker polygon later as the flat PBR plane i have positioned shows the the ground is not flat, even with a flattening polygon

Update 4.1- Package now reduced to 650MB... 
Now a bit more optimised compared to V4.0 . I tracked down what was causing the slowdown in performance facing the north terminal. It was the blue north terminal 3D  grid that i created to divide the blue panels.. This severely impacted performance. I have now removed the grid.. and performance has returned to V3 levels..
I will add a texture to the Blue terminal building later
Flickering stand plates fixed in the 130'and 140's.. 130'/140's Post type signage now share one modellib directory . and one model each for numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,0 and letters L/R..( I just have to go into and manually line each number up)  so these stands no longer have individual Model directories for each stand... 
Pier 6 night emission and glass colour better
Blast barrier red light now reduced with a custom blender light
North terminal Modelled better.. I found a great aerial photo online. The original blue north terminal building is in fact one large Building with a central raised section, and a narrow raised section in the front... This is the original entry/exit door area which is visible today on the ground floor.. 
V4.0 will be deleted from now

Update V4.0
Boeing Hanger added
Huge task done over the last day. Every single stand at Gatwick signage. All the way from stand 1 to stand 235L.
Taxiway lights added to several unlit taxiways for some reason in the default Gatwick Airport scenery (to which this mod is using for taxiways/runways and parking areas).. U,L,QA,K now have a blue taxiway light.
Pier 6 extension works added. Stand 109,111,110 now blocked. Taxiway Quebec  moved to access Taxiway Lima.. Taxiway light helpers for night-time added..
The version is not recommended for older computers.. due to detail... Almost every mast light location is included as observed in google maps. If you are experiencing low fps, please try an earlier version.
CAUTION Version 4 is approaching 1GB :) No pain No Gain

Update V3.4
Finally i worked out what was causing the flickering in pier 6. I had left panels behind the glass panes... I have worked my way through most of the airport... DE flickering. Some small areas are left. The walkways connecting the satellite are also treated. But because of the cage grid enclosing them, from a distance you still get an interaction... this is probably antialiasing... so that's not a glass pane issue... just antialiasing.

I'm adding subtle night lighting emission from the glass panes... have to be really soft on this one, or else looks cartooney...until I learn texture baking, it will do.. The north terminal looks way better now... the lighting at night
A good result.. more tomorrow

Update V3.3
North terminal raised up... V3.2 it has sunk about 50 feet..
Still needs raising a tad.. The problem is snap to ground does not work perfectly.. For some reason the ground has a bump in that area... I could maybe fix it with a polygon... I'll try that for V3.4
V3.2 will be deleted from here on

Update V3.2
Great to get some feedback from youtubers..Thankyou
Corrected the flickering and readjusted window panes Pier 6
Reduced size of Stand signs on Pier 5:46-54.. Kept meaning to do this.. finally done!
Toned down nighttime emissions from North Terminal.. was way over blown
Reduced North Terminal Sign size
Toned down pinkish/purple emissions from the block hotel.. it was making parts of the south terminal PinK!
Version 3.1 will be deleted from here

FPS.  With my older system (980ti, I7 3770cpu, 16gb DDr3 Ram) in a Diamond D40NG Prop.
I just ran a test flight from Heathrow daytime (Premium Delux Hancrafted) getting around 20-22fps.. pretty jerky
Flying over surrey Greenbelt area around 35 FPS
Approaching Gatwick a few km out.. down to low 30's
Landing and Taxi all around airport 25-26 FPS
I also get some Scenery loading micro stutters .. but thats normal at any airport even default for my system. All in all, very happy so far with performance, considering the growing modelib directory

This is the price you pay for detailed airports.. I have no high res photo textures in the package, just modelling. This helps.. Also the models are kept to sensible tessellation. This also helps..
If you are struggling with fps, maybe try an older version like 2.3...  

Update 3.1
North Terminal Buildings added.
Flood Light Mast crash Barriers added
Glass Panes corrected.. less flickering
Pier 5 (48-54) jetway Modules : texture panel colours more to silver. Arrivals sign added above doors. Glass colour changed to dark

Update 3.0
ILS Loc and GS Equipment models added
Custom Modelled Blast Barriers
Pier 2 HSBC Blocks now rescaled to wider
Satellite connection walkways tweaked
Church added South of airfield... Very distinctive landmark
Fire station Modelled from online photos and looking at Google earth top views
South Terminal Buildings beginning to take shape- more tweaking to be done
Bloc Hotel and Hilton Hotel added to South
Subtle nighttime emission lighting from glass
Satellite Windows tweak

North Terminal Buildings Next job

Update 2.5
Pier 2 is modelled ok...
I think i have made it a bit larger than life.. the beige gate area section length  in the middle is a bit overdone on the Z axis dimensions.
The HSBC side modules need to be wider... after going into the model and trying to reduce the main pier in height and cutting down the HSBC blocks it all went messy. Then after a while i realise all i need to do is widen the HSBC units... that should be really easy... coming in V3.0 later..
Also on the even stands side the HSBC units are actually flipped with the narrower section facing West.. whereas the odd stand side they are correct..
Hopefully this will be as easy as a mirror flip modifier...
Hope you like it so far..

Update 2.4
140's need some lovin!
Handcrafted signage, crossbar and L/R post type.. No textures used at all.. Just modelling.. even the text on the phone dial is a 3d model.

Update 2.3
Pax walkways added connecting the satellite.. Huge skeletal support structures that separate lower deck outbound from Upperdeck Inbound pax flows.
Chocks/cones added to stands 31-38
Brickwork core structure added to satellite..
Glass panels: I tried MSFS Glass texture with emission light for night, but looks too unrealistic and cartoon.. Better to leave them dark at night

Missions tomorrow.. Pier 2 modelling finally! Yipee

Update 2.2
Pier 1 modelled
stand 4 and 5 centrelines corrected
Better night lighting pier 1
blast barriers added behind stand 4/5
Blast barriers added stand 38 around to 46
Chocks and cones added to stands 1-5
Airbridge Lowered.. was too high v2.1

Missions tomorrow
Pax Connection walkways from satellite to terminal

Update 2.1
Enhanced Satellite

Update V2.0
Big Push today for the South Terminal
Basic Draft models of Pier 1.2 and 3(satellite)..
Correct Stand Number Signage.. I still need to split some stands on the satellite
Please be aware this is just a rough draft models of the south terminal and piers.. But now the apron areas have lighting and the correct stand numbers are shown
so it makes taxiing and finding the stands a bit closer to reality (easier)
Pier 1, stands 4 and 5 now have parking centre lines
Lots of corrections and tweaks to come, im done for the day!

Update V1.8
Completely remodelled Bridge which is closer to the real thing.. Cantered correctly on Taxiway Lima.. older versions were slightly off centre with the arch of the bridge
New Jetty Module buildings from stand 46-54 with yellow crash barriers
Original Blue North Terminal Building added as a start to the rest of the buildings
Stand Number signage gradually progressing to emissive yellow type.. work in progress
Blast Barrier added at Northern end of Quebec Alpha with red beacon lights.. Embankment terraformed beyond blast barrier (needs to be raised a bit more)
Pier 6 Stand signs aligned better to parking centre lines
stand 113 still a bit tight for an airbus...Stand centre lines not spaced well by Asobo. Due to time I cannot completely redo the airport with taxiways and new markings so i'll just try to improve what they have given us so far. Hopefully in any UK or Europe world update we may get an updated Default Gatwick with correct stand numbers.

Update V1.7
Stands 46-54 Now correct stand signs with emission texture for night
Apron lighting added to North Terminal
Glass corrected Pier 5 49-54 area... no major flickering now
More work on area stand 48/47/46.. walkways

Now working on a better Bridge with more accurate profile/shape

Update V1.6
Stand 551-574 Pier 5 adjustments made
Lift Modules added to some gates.. The brickwork is not a texture... its a block sliced with planes as Booleans.. with a solid inner block for mortar!!! 
Proper emission texture for Stand 54M signage... as a test.. it glows in the dark perfectly... all gates coming in a few days 
Work begins on structures linking gates 46/47/48 TBC
Until the SDK makes it easier to edit default airports, i cannot see an easy way to assign correct stands/gates to current layout... To do that i would have to rebuild all the taxiways and runways... Priority first is the modelling..
Future updates to include the Actual Departure buildings in North Terminal including terrace frontage and monorail

Update v1.5
Wavy wall done properly by manually building sections.
Pier 5 551-571 Main structures in place but still needs correct scaling... Whole structure needs to be moved west slightly 10 metres or so

Update V1.4
Pier 5 stands 551-574 added.. This section of the pier is the original gate area simple tube shaped design that was built originally in the 1970's.. This still exists but a new design is built on top to allow separation of inbound and outbound passengers.. I will attempt to add this later (May need to visit lego land for that).
Stand number placards added for visual reference as in real life..
Coming Next..
Stand number signs from 54-46 Pier 5
Complete over haul of taxiway designation which has changed from the default asobo airport and stand number designation to be overhauled as this is also wrong

Update V1.3
Reduced building size south of airfield... completely overdone Ai
Connecting Bridge Between pier 5 and pier 6 Pier 6 Custom Modelled including nice large stand number plates as in real life
Pier 5 stand 46-53 Partly rebuilt... work in progress
Pier 5 500's Starting soon
wavy wall to be redone...

Update V1
Very beginning Mock up , rough draft... updates will happen but this is a mega project for one person..

Next update will include a properly modelled and textured bridge with lighting.
I'm publishing now as just removing the 2nd tower and adding a basic bridge is worth it..
wavy wall will be corrected in future updates